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New GW-M5610U, GW-5000U, GW-S5600U, G-5600U "Speed Model Series"

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From G-Central.

G-Shock 5000 U Series including GW-5000U-1

G-Shock, News

A reliable source has a new "Speed Model Series" listed for July 2021 in Japan. Though not all of the details are available, it includes three GW-M5610U models, one GW-5000U, one GW-S5600U, and one G-5600U, for a total of six watches.

Upon further searching, we found that the GW-M5610U-1 and GW-M5610U-1B (as the GW-M5610U-1ER and GW-M5610U-1BER, €129 each) are listed on some European retailer sites. We also found a search result for the GW-5000U-1 (as the GW-5000U-1ER, €299) from an official European G-Shock site, but that page is not currently active. The original source has a GW-S5600U-1JF listed, but we could not find any other results for this or a G-5600U. No images are currently available, but they should be soon.

See the rest of the article here.

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Both the same identical watches, probably manufactured in the same place too, just with the different country codes stamped into the backplate.

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you mean box, not backplate ;)
I find it equally hilarious and annoying that "too many" people seem to feel that if you don't intend on beating up your Gs then you aren't "using them correctly".

The design philosophy is that they can be used and abused and will last,.. yes, but there are a few types of owners on this forum:

1- "I buy G-shock so that I can live a rough life and not worry about my watch. I'm too busy livin! I need a watch that can take a beating and ask for more!!!"

2- "I want a watch I can depend on, that is effortless, and well designed, But can take a beating -IF- THINGS GET CRAZY." If,.. being the operative word.

3- "I enjoy the heritage, design, philosophy, and practicality of G-shock watches. I try to keep them in good condition because I consider then a great example of a practical wristwatch. However the durability is a great BONUS."

There may be more "people" but I see those as the main ones. I'm between a 2 and a 3.

I think we should maybe focus more on what we have in common surrounding the brand and less about trivial differences. A lot of people telling other people what is "correct" these days and missing the reality that people are different. And so our their personal views and preferences.

Note: The above post was submitted 2 drinks in.
id expand #3 to include ppl that generally just look after their things and like to keep their nice things looking nice, regardless of what it is. i mean i could throw my power tools at my tool box from the other end of the garage and theyd be fine, or i could just take a few steps and place them back nicely. or i could step in dog poo knowing i can hose it off or i could just walk around it ???‍♂
agreed 100%, just cos it can doesnt mean it should nor does it make the owner any less for not destroying something for no reason.
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so Casio updated the modules and put it in the old cases + bezel + strap, and called it a day
as simple as that but people here are making so much noises with their expectations, imaginations, and whatnots
HONESTLY, after reading this whole thread, I lost respect to a lot of G-shock veterans in this forum: YOU SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER with your intelligence and experience
you could say that, or you could say, they updated the modules on a few of their most popular squares.... and called it a day ;)
agreed the hype over such a small upgrade is very disproportionate but such is life on f17 where squares reign supreme. not many other models gets the microscopic analysis like the squares to do. maybe cos theyre so simple, any little change is a big deal?
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I don't quite see why analyzing every detail is a problem. In fact, I'm disappointed some folks are bothered that we are going over the watch with an electron microscope. Part of it is excitement that popular fan watches are getting some change, even if it is relatively minor. It's all in good fun and part of the hobby.

Further, the module in these squares has not been updated in over a decade, so it is a big deal, at least for square fans. If anyone follows Rolex, they go over the tiniest changes to the dial size, font, etc. with each new model. There are fiery debates, for example, over whether a watch should be 36mm or 39mm, whether the font is too thick or too thin. To the outsider, these debates look ridiculous. To the fan, it's part of the fun.

If people do not understand that, then I am amazed that it surprises them, especially if they frequent these forums. It does, however, disappoint me to when people are outright disappointed that we are simply just doing watch idiots do -- go over the fine details, bellyache when are expectations are not met, and share excitement for incremental changes to much beloved watches.
no problem for me, i didnt make the original post. i just agreed with the factual observation of square owners. i was actually going to make that same comparison of the minute details mechanical owners obsess over but then i realised, most square owners are also mechanical owners so i didnt want to cop a double barrel of backlash ? ?

...and once again i regret participating in any square discussion... ? serves me right lol
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While I agree with what you say about what Casio did to the watch (not much different than the old aside from module), I don't see the need to be so harsh to the other members.

I know this is your way, so I'm too surprised. Always with the snarky comments.

Anyways, I'm firmly in the camp of not spending my money on the new U series. But I don't fault anybody for buying them... even if they already have the old ones.
i didnt read that as him knocking anyone for buying it or saying dont buy them, seems he was referring more to the overreaction.
i dont think his post was any different than what he usually posts, in the sense that if its read with the wrong tone it could be abrupt but such is the way of text on forums hiding nuances that normally wouldnt be questioned irl. i know ive prob given off that vibe more than once...or twice but at least i use emojis to convey the tone a bit better 😜😁
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Yeah but one doesn't have to be disrespectful on a watch forum. If you don't like the subject, move on. Better to say nothing than something negative.
it depends on the tone you apply when reading ppl's posts and your threshold of what you would class as disrespectful or negative. two things among many that is impossible to gauge or police on a public discussion forum. its not like he dissed the whole forum and casio owners in general which others have done, some even regularly. "dont like it, dont participate" goes both ways.
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