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Hey all!

I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I'm a soon-to-be college graduate (computer engineering), and I've been into watches for about a year. After lurking here so much I decided to join!

My collection is comprised mostly of more inexpensive watches, in accordance with my budget as a college student, but I am looking forward to saving for some new pieces as I start full-time work in January! I am the proud owner of:
  • an HMT Pilot
  • a Vostok Amphibian
  • a Casio G-Shock Classic
  • a 1976 Bulova Accutron
  • a 1941 Bulova Engineer
  • a 1950's (?) Gotham Seaman
  • and a Citizen A/T Skyhawk (that my dad passed to me when he decided he wanted the titanium version!)

I think most people will know some of them, but I'll put pictures just in case. The three special ones are the Accutron (which I am afraid needs servicing, it stops sweeping momentarily then starts again), and the Engineer, and the Seaman. I really love old art-deco pieces and my wife got me the Engineer for Christmas. Ordinarily I don't care for gold but I really love the look of it. It is too small to be fashionable, but I rock it with such confidence that people accept it. :-d I got the Gotham because it was a nice little watch and was cheap, and I actually really enjoy it (in fact, I'm looking for a Gotham Gothamatic, so if anyone has one they want to part with, let me know!!). I also just love the hum of the Accutron and the smoothness of that sweep!

HMT Pilot (India, photos courtesy of fmattes):

Vostok Amphibian (Russian, courtesy of Dapper):
Casio G-Shock Classic:
Bulova Accutron (Sorry about bad picture--can't find this one online too easily! It looks better in person...):
Bulova Engineer:
Gotham Seaman (again very sorry for picture quality):
Citizen A/T Skyhawk:

And, since I'm putting everything, here's my wishlist!

Graf Zeppelin 7680-1:
Junghans Max Bill Chronoscope:
Gotham Gothamatic:
Most recently, I came across this Boschett Cave Dweller (on WUS), and, though I ordinarily don't like this style, absolutely fell in love!:
And lastly, a watch you may be familiar with.... (Omega Speedmaster). Although I do prefer the reduced:

Okay! So that is me... and my current and future watches!
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