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New Member - New LM-2GMT - Part 2 (Pics)

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[UPDATE: the correct size of the Debaufre is 42mm, not 44mm. I had the size wrong.]

Hi All,

Here are the rest of the pix I planned for my new LM-2GMT - a size comparison and some "lume" shots.

As before, these are all hosted on Flickr so click through to see the images in much greater sizes.


Size Comparison
To give a feeling for size, here are the Debaufre GMT2, 42mm stainless steel Rolex-style, next to the Ocean7 LM-2GMT, 45mm in brushed titanum. The full-face crystal gives the Ocean7 has a greater impact despite being nearly the same size. (I tried to take a "wrist shot" but my macro lens doesn't focus close enough.)

Details of the lugs and bezels

Luminous figures, watch and band
These pictures where taken on a stainless steel tabletop, for the blurred reflection, and with the cover of a Sin City comic as a background.

Luminous figures - Darker
This was my first attempt at photgraphing the glowing lume of a wrist watch. The greatest challenge turned out not to be getting the glow of the watch, but getting even remotely close to having the right color.

Luminous figures in near darkness
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That blue lume looks so sick!
This is becoming my new favorite O7 watch
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