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I am ready to purchase a new Navitimer. It is my understanding that the "World" model is the largest of the line. Is this correct?

What Navitimer model would be the model to purchase if one wanted to retain as much value in the watch as possible, although I do not buy watches generally for value, other than my Patek's.

Can someone refer me to a dealer or source for the best price and service?


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Yes, it is the largest at 46mm. I don't know about the value issue. I had a Jupiter Pilot and now I own a B1. I use mine as working tool watches, so they get a little beat up.

I only have 2 real complaints about the B1. I wish that it were 46mm also to make reading the slide rule easier, and I wish that it came in a left handed version.

I think that the Navitimer World is a beautiful watch, but I can't justify it right now.
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