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New Omega - Real or Fake? I can't find this on the Omega Database!!?

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Hello guys, Please can someone give me some information on this watch? This watch was passed down to me and I believe it to be original..but I can't find anything on it..I am new to this so be gentle...

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Strap
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I think the strap is original. It just got a faint imprint of the OMEGA on the back of the strap. Your black dial is stunning. How long did it take to source that??
Please don't feed Kyle's ego any more! ;)

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Can Kyle or any pie pan expert judge this one?
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Not a great picture. But from what I can see, the dial looks legit. Would be good to get a clear photo from directly above of the dial, with the hands not obscuring the text.

It's also hard to tell if the scratches are on the dial or crystal.

Obviously would also need to see photos of the inside, to confirm it isn't a Frankenstein, etc

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Here is what the OVD says on the model
Gents' leather strap

ST 168.0005
International collection
Type: Automatic chronometer certified
Caliber number: 561 / 564
Cal. 561
24 jewels, created in 1958
Cal. 564
24 jewels, created in 1965
Both with central sweep-second hand
Date, Chronometer
Stainless steel
Case back
"Pie-pan" type, De Luxe version with hand-rivetted gold hour markers and "Dauphine" gold hands.
Armoured hesalite
Water resistance
30 meters


Are they becoming harder to come by? Good, pristine examples are hard to come by. But there are lots of ho him examples on eBay. Is it worth diving in? At a good price, yeah. Helps you get a feeling for what you can get. And without spending big bucks.

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Really appreciate that mate. What would you say is a good price? For this condition, which I appreciate will need some TLC.
I think the forum rules prohibit valuations. Look at eBay for pie pans that have recently sold and compare condition/price.

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Lol Kyle, just noticed your avatar here has the Fab Suise that we were discussing over on omegaforums!

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Sorry, you are using a photo of a watch that isn't, and wasn't yours?

Outrageous! Scandalous! Mods: arrest this man :) :) :)

It is a nice watch though.

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Can any experts (e.g. Kyle) on antique Omegas recognise this one from 1947. It was my grampy's and is inscribed from '47.
Can I suggest you start a new thread? Much easier to have one watch per thread. I will say that ideally, we'd like photos of the inside (caseback and movement) to be able to ID it.

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