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Hi, I got my orient mako blue :) about a week and a half ago on your guys' great feedback about it, and I'm so happy i listened to you guys. Thank G-d.

(So, I have a question that might annoy some of you guys, but just realize that this is the most prized watch i own and it's still very new to me.
but still, i guess this question might fall into the category of a previous thread i saw here on the forum: "is my orient a fake because the little circle isn't dead center on the back of the case")

Basically, this is the first watch i have that has a safety clasp on top of the normal clasp thing. (i'm talking about the mako's stock metal band.) I'm feeling a little bit of resistance when closing the safety clasp. Is there a proper way to fasten the safety clasp, or is it to just push it down until you hear it snap down from the sheer pressure of your hand against this little piece of metal's resistance?

(and also, should i squeeze the little buttons when closing the normal clasp, or pressing the clasp to lock in by itself is good enough?)

(and, if the band breaks, do i get a free new one, or i have to buy one? and from where, and for how much?)

thank you so much for your guys' help to a newbie mako owner, but hey, you guys have one more on your side. (you know what they say: "it's better safe than sorry :-(")

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Just close the clasp then press the safety home. It will click when it'f fully home and lie flush with the body of the clasp. To open the bracelet it is a simple reversal of the closing process only you will need to depress the little buttons on the clasp to open that part. I developed the habit of pressing the buttons when closing the clasp too as some of the watches I own (not Orients by the way) had a reputation for the mechanism wearing.
I'm pretty sure that the bracelet is not covered by the guarantee but don't worry about it unduly as in my experience the bracelet will still be in 1 piece decades after the watch has died.
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