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Haven't been active on any of the forums much since last summer but wanted to provide an update on my experience with the Orient Triton. Acquired the "Gold" model about a year ago and shortly thereafter purchased the blue and black dials, "The Trinity".

Regret to read about some of the issues other members have experienced. The "Trinity" is performing flawlessly although I did have a crown issue with the blue model when first received but Orient USA replaced immediately at no cost. Since then, no issues whatsoever. In fact, each will maintain within 3 seconds per day and can actually maintain near perfect by simply leaving the case position either on the back or crown up (each one is slightly different) to compensate for any variation within the day. Very solid movement would be an understatement.

I am so pleased with the watch(es) that I am thinking they were the best purchases of 2018. I am still of the opinion that there is nothing under $400 that is competitive. I would like to restate an early observation, whenever the Tritons come up in rotation, they just seem to stay on the wrist for days. Also, when putting it on the wrist, I am immediately aware that the Triton is special...several notches above normal diver (SKX, Turtle, Samurai, NY0040, etc.). Only diver I consider in same league is Seiko Sumo.

Still …"Highly Recommended"
Hey MacInFL,

Thanks for that status update. The Triton has and still is on my "next watch to buy" list. Found one in blue that keeps ringing the buy me bell. I wear my Mako XL's on rotation like your Tritons. Put it on....wear it for weeks. Smile at the wrist. just might turn into my first 2019 purchase.
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