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NEW PRODUCT!!! - Suunto Quest

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There’s nothing like it – being out in nature, doing the sport you love. Constantly searching for the perfect trail, training for your next big event, and enjoying every moment of it. It’s what you live for – it’s what you were built for.
Whether you’re training for competition or personal achievement, you need a watch that you can rely on. With the new Suunto Quest you can personalize and download your training programs, as well as monitor your heart rate, speed, distance, running cadence, and laps in real time.
Suunto Quest is fully compatible with, where you can customize your Quest display to see just the information you want, as well as share and analyze your training results.
All crafted in a distinctly rugged design that you can wear every day, ensuring your life in the outdoors will always be on track.
Suunto Quest will be available in fall 2011.
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I like it ...the HR monitor, pedometer, lapping functions will come in real handy when training. Plus it has the good looks of the Core :)
I remain hopeful -we do not quite know what this watch will do functionality wise; therefore, I reserve judgment. Besides, why would Suunto release a product that is going to be inferior to its current line-up. It seems contrary to their practice up to this point ...
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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