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New San Martin SN004

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Just got this yesterday. Overall it looks good.
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I have to say, the lume is very bright!
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There are many other examples as well. If that's the strength of your argument though, it's a very weak recommendation. Someone else is doing something similar doesn't make it right.

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Doesn't make it wrong either…
What makes you feel the need to stick up for multibillion dollar companies that in reality aren’t impacted in any way? What is this little crusade you’re on giving you?
These aren’t fakes and pretending they are and pretending buying one of these copies is an immoral sin says more about you than the people buying said copies.
There are many many other watch manufacturers in the San Martin price range that make watches that are true homages as well as original pieces to choose from that do not simply copy the flavour of the day. Dan Murphy, Baltic and Maen, just to name a few. You can bet your house over the past couple of years that every time Tudor release a watch, this company will copy it. If they spent some time making something themselves, I'd have perhaps something positive to say about them. All you and others are doing is rewarding quick profit hunters. Tell me they have any love or passion in what they do other than making a buck.

On the medical front, I have a blood disease that has me spending more than a San Martin on medications. I give them the script and they give me the medication. This has been over twelve years now and there are no conversations of generic options.

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So what?
Who are you to decide what constitutes a true homage and what is morally acceptable? Get off your high horse…
I'm just someone with an opinion just like you and others. Some will have the option that fakes, replicas and San Martin are fine valid products. Others will have the opinion that they are not. Having an opinion does not put me on a high horse.

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It does when you go around posting your unsolicited opinion in every thread here like a preacher.
Again you also conflate fakes, replicas, copies and homages when they are not the same.
It’s pathetic, just stop.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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