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New San Martin SN004

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Just got this yesterday. Overall it looks good.
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I have to say, the lume is very bright!
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Yes of course it looks good, it's a direct copy of a good looking watch.

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It takes way more than just a good looking design to build a quality watch. San Martin is really good at making quality watches.
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Don't think they're making anything. They're copying! Only things changed are to make it cheaper.
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It's an illusion to think that making good, solid, well finished watches is easy. And the post above makes it very clear that they're not 1:1 the same watch.
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Yeah there are some differences. All of them to make the watch much cheaper too. San Martin is all about copying the flavour of the day and convincing people to hand over money. Every new release they have is based on flavour of the day IP from another watch maker. It doesn't matter how hard or easy it is to copy. It's still a very low grade copy. Clones and fakes are at the top when it comes to deception, this type of copying is only marginally behind.

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Valid point. Do yo feel the same about generic drugs? You know, when the pharmacist is asking you if you're okay paying 8% for a no name medicine instead of 100% for big brand. Have ever said yes to the pharmacist?
There are many other examples as well. If that's the strength of your argument though, it's a very weak recommendation. Someone else is doing something similar doesn't make it right.

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Have you ever said yes to that pharmacist question? I bet you did ;)
I'm just someone with an opinion just like you and others. Some will have the option that fakes, replicas and San Martin are fine valid products. Others will have the opinion that they are not. Having an opinion does not put me on a high horse.

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