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NEW Seiko 5 Monsters!

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Just got an email from yeomanseiko with regards to the release of new Seiko 5 'monsters'!

My first impression is: WOW! Raised lume dots, big 'peaceful-looking' indices that are well proportioned (look at the 3 o'clock lume detail!), 4r36 movement (hacking & handwinding)!

God i can already imagine the nuclear lume these will output..

Not 100% sure on size.. looks slightly bigger than the current Monsters (maybe 44mm?). Yeoman lists diameter to be 47mm including the crown.

I wish the case was brushed and not polished.. and that the bracelet had solid end links; but i guess they can't make a Seiko 5 too attractive that it'll knock out some of their higher end lines.

Here are some additional specs:

Diameter: 47mm including crown
Thickness: 13mm
Lug width: 22mm
Lug to lug: 49.5mm
Water resistance: 100m

I think it's pretty safe to predict that these will inevitably earn a cult following.
What are your thoughts?


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None of the pics are mine. You may find out more info at: New Seiko 5 - SRP605K | Yeoman's Watch Review
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Still no point of reference to the individual's wrist size and close-up wrist shots tend to exaggerate the size of the watch...

If it's 43-44mm that's basically as perfect as it can get. I'm wearing a 43.5mm Seiko 5 today...

(I get the preference for 200m rating and screw down crowns but for now the solid back/200m rating/screw-down crown are the differentiators between the "Serious" divers and the "Seiko 5 Divers." I'm OK with that since you can get a product for desk diving, light water use and still get a display back-- that's important to a lot of buyers. If you're going to dive in it, then there are other products for you.)
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Wow those are nice and apparently I'm the only weirdo that kind of likes the black and red version. :)

I think it's the handset. I like the red on the dial, but the minute hand being red and hours white is kind of different. I think it could grow on me, but doing white for hours and minutes and red on the seconds would have been a "safer" bet.

Even the blue has the unusual characteristic of the dial being trimmed in bronze but with a silver handset. If I had a nit to pick, it would be the hands. The black/stainless bezel is the safe choice, but I'm not sure if I'd go for that or the red or the blue (blue's just so rare in Seiko divers-- limited editions that get snapped up mostly.)
Not interested size is an issue....100m water screw down crown!!!!
Then you don't want any Seiko 5 dive watches. That's their very specific differentiator: 100m WR because of lack of screw down crown and display case back.

If you like a display case back (I generally do but can go either way), want some reasonable degree of WR and love the ability to easily hand-wind the 4R36, then these are the dive watches for you. If you're going to have them underwater for significant amounts of time, then Seiko makes tons of other dive products also just for you-- the 007/009, Stargates (both generations) Monsters (both generations, possibly with a new one coming), Sumo and Prospex.

Although not marked as Seiko 5s, the 007 and associated models, Stargates and Monsters are basically the same thing, *except* for the screw down crown, higher WR and solid case back. Seiko's got that market well in hand.

Edit 1: Size, I can't help with, but they do make dive watches down to 38mm. 47mm with crown != 47mm w/o crown. I suspect they should be around 43mm, which is right in the midrange of commonly available divers and in the range where plenty of folks are comfortable with the size. If it's too big, but you need more serious WR, the 38mm variant of the 007 (forget the model number) works, and if you like the Seiko 5 style and can live with limited WR, then the Sea Urchin is a good alternative in a slightly smaller size.

Edit 2: I have dive watches and watches with bezels in 47mm, 45mm, 43.5mm, 43mm, 42mm and 38mm. I'm obviously not daunted by the size and if my size preference is not your size preference-- I'm sorry. I feel your frustration, but I'm still excited for the watch.
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