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Ok then, having a play at making a strap for one of my favourite Seikos, I'd call it a classic, it certainly made the Seiko production axe list :-(.

This is:

a) possibly the wrong place to post this, it could easily live in the strap sub forum. The Seiko & Citizen forum is more homely though :).
b) slightly pointless as the watch I'm making the strap for has an awesome bracelet.
c) my first new thread.

Part #1:

IMG_1458.JPG IMG_1461.JPG IMG_1462.JPG

Sorry not the most exciting start, or thread if you don't care for straps...

Part #2:

IMG_1464.JPG IMG_1466.JPG IMG_1467.JPG

Part #3:

IMG_1486.JPG IMG_1494.JPG IMG_1482.JPG IMG_1487.JPG IMG_1488.JPG IMG_1489.JPG

Apologies for the poor photography as always, the colour looks particularly washed out today.
Thanks for looking.
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