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New to the forum, Just a quick question

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Just wanted to stop and say hello, I’m new here just started my collection just picked up my 3rd watch so I’m a noob compare to most of you on this forum. Just a quick question, I just purchased a Sicuro upright watch case and I added a 20w halogen picture light to it my question is if I have the light directly on the watches for about 5-6 hrs a day will it affect the watches at all. I don’t think it will due to when you perches the watches there are lights on them all the time in show cases one of my watches is a Eco-Drive that is my main concern so I wanted to ask all the experts.


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Thanks for the response, I will check if the bulb has a UV filter on it if not I will put a lower watt bulb in the fixture
Well just checked out the bulb no uv filter so im looking at ordering a LED replacement bulb. The next watch I’m looking at is a Bulova Accutron Kirkwood 63A001 thanks for the help:thanks
That is correct, I picked it up at shopNBC the link is below. It's a sturdy unit the only complaint I have is that the pillows are kind of small. Other then that the way I figured it, why collect them if you cant show them off. And some of the craftsmanship I seen on some watches are outstanding that's why I added a light so I'm all set.|229&prop=Watch Accessories|468
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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