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Always been a big fan of Breitling and back in 2001, I managed to buy my first one, a blue B2, while I was in Zurich for 2 days. Love it and still wear it on a regular basis. It's my "every day" watch.

Then, when I learned about the Emergency Mission, I fell in love with the analog look and the emergency function and I really wanted one. Unfortunately, I wasn't in a financial situation to buy one for a while.

I almost bought one in Zurich (again) but my brain won over my heart and didn't make the purchase (by then, they had already been discontinued so it was really tough).

Anyway, fast forward another couple years and my friend went to a Breitling even through work and met the Breitling Canada Service manager and exchanged numbers. He suggested I call her and ask if she might be able to find one. I told myself why not and called her up. She said she'd look and the next day, said she found one in Vancouver, a white one just as I wanted and said they'd have it shipped over.

Long story short, I ended up buying and I'm very happy I did (it's more my "evening" watch and I replaced the metal bracelet with a brown leather strap although if I go on vacation, I swap back to the bracelet). I'm still friends with her too :)

So yeah, that's my little story regarding my passion for Breitlings.

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