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New watch on citizens TV commercial

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I live in Panama and I just saw a Citizen's watch commercial with two watches. One was the Acqualand and the other was a white face watch similar to a Nighthawk or Promaster type watch. It has several "windows" or something on it. Stunning looking watch. And my wife even said "that's really nice, I wonder how much it cost". Wow!!! Sounds like an approval to get one to me :-!

Problem is I can't find the specific watch on Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else. Maybe it's a new model and not sold in the USA or something. Anyone got an idea where I could find one? Maybe it's Japan only but it would be strange they would run the ad on TV in Panama if that's the case.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Is the watch (First add on the left) that you saw in TV?

These are the new Panamenian market Promasters:

I would love to get the black dial, black face watch but can't find it, even here in Panama. I checked the watch88 site and don't see it there either. Anyone know where I could get my grubby little hands on one of them?

And thanks for all the help everyone has given about this matter.

Boquete, Panama
Found another one I like. After some reviews I changed my mind about the black one as a lot of people said the black was coming off and silver was showing through. Don't want that at all.

So I've got another question. I found this one and like it. I have some concerns about the Eco Drive watches in general. And yes I do have one right now, a moon phase perpetual calendar.

Without sounding trite do you think this watch will have a cheap "tinny" look to it? What do you think of this watch anyway. It's a minute Repeater (Chimes on the hour) but that won't matter to me probably as I'm hard of hearing and I'm sure the chime will be so soft that it would be hard for anyone to hear it.

Anyone got one of the Eco Drives with an Alarm or chime on it. Can you even hear the darn thing? And are the new one any better made that the ones from about sixyears ago? I haven't had any problems with the one I have except that it is pretty scratched up on the metal band and clasp. Have never had any problem with it working though.

BTW I found this one for 329 dollars on the net. think it will be as solid a watch as say my Orient Blue Mako that I got last month?

Boquete, Panama



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Only a couple of dealers in David that I know of. Next time I'm there I will ask them which one it is and the cost. Problem with the dealers in David is that want full retail for everything they sell. Never heard of a discount, especially for a ****** :)

How do you know this area of Panama?

Boquete, Panama
I've got the Citizen BL5250 which has an alarm on it. I don't use it consistently, as it's just more convenient to set/use my alarm clock on a daily basis, however, the watch is loud enough to wake you up if you're anything but a deep sleeper.

I'm a pretty heavy sleeper, but the first time this went off, it woke me up. Not sure if I would count on it every single time (since I can sleep through a fire alarm if I'm tired), but it would definitely wake my wife up every time, as she's a light sleeper.

Pretty sure it'll work fine for you as long as your hand isn't buried underneath three pillows and a comforter. :-d

Thanks. Pretty watch BTW. Can you tell me how the alarm works? does it have a daily alarm that you can set for say 6:00 AM everyday or do you have to set it each time you want it to "alarm". If it's a daily will it go off after so many "rings" or do you have to manually turn it off.

Reason I ask is of course two fold. Would be nice to have a daily but would be a problem if it just keeps on sounding off unless you turn it off because I rotate watches all the time and it would be in my watch box just ringing away unless it turns off by itself.

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