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New watch on citizens TV commercial

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I live in Panama and I just saw a Citizen's watch commercial with two watches. One was the Acqualand and the other was a white face watch similar to a Nighthawk or Promaster type watch. It has several "windows" or something on it. Stunning looking watch. And my wife even said "that's really nice, I wonder how much it cost". Wow!!! Sounds like an approval to get one to me :-!

Problem is I can't find the specific watch on Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else. Maybe it's a new model and not sold in the USA or something. Anyone got an idea where I could find one? Maybe it's Japan only but it would be strange they would run the ad on TV in Panama if that's the case.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Contact Citizen Watch Panama/Latin America directly:

Official Importer for Panama:
Calle 2a., Llano Bonito, Locales 19 y 20
Apdo. Postal 1133,
Panamá, República de Panamá
Tel: (507) 233-0111
Fax: (507) 233-2188/5134

Citizen Panama Service/Sales:

MIZRATEX, S.A. (Centro Citizen de Panamá)
Calle 55 No. 2, El Cangrejo, Edificio Castilla de Oro Local No. 2, Frente Al Hotel El Panamá
(507) 269-4233/4469 / Fax (507) 269-4091
E-mail: [email protected]
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Is the watch (First add on the left) that you saw in TV?

Beautiful watches and definitely not sold in the US.

These are the new Panamenian market Promasters:

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I know that Gabe. Just for the purposes of the conversation I said they are Panamenian market but it is understood the same watches are available in other countries.

Thanks for the Int'l Aqualand fest. Never ceases to amaze me the immense amount and variety of product available.
Chalk it up to arrogant marketing departments or management that has a distorted view of impose what they think people should like and buy. And this is one of the reasons I see Seiko's "Up-market" moves in the US market as very difficult to achieve, just because they keep their best stuff (Not talking about Grand Seikos) out of our shores. Most non-WIS see Seiko as another "JCPenney" brand of disposable Japanese watches.

I agree Panama is a fantastic shopping location for watches, electronics, etc. Great selection and great prices. Haven't been in ages down there though, but if we decided to do a Panama Canal cruise watch shopping will be high in the "to-do" list
Those watches are amazing. I've never seen such good looking Citizen's, ever! :-!
I agree:-!

They do warrant a trip down to Panama City:-d:-db-)
BTW, if anyone is interested, I ran a search and found that Watches88 has these for sale.
For how much Gabe?

That watch is absolutely supreme! This is the first Eco-Drive I see fitted with a butterfly clasp.

Beautiful piece all around.

PS: Gabe, I know Citizen made a bullhead Eco-Drive. What do you know about those?
I found this watch even cheaper:

US$350. I am very tempted. Sapphire crystal, moonphase, semi-perpetual calendar, 46mm case, butterfly clasp. Pretty high end Eco-Drive if you ask me.

I like it better (for a guy) with white dial. The rose dial is beautiful too.
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What do they mean by semi-perpetual calendar???

The caliber 8730 movement used in this watch is not capable of keeping track of leap years. This means that you need to manually adjust the date every 4 years. I think it is a quirky feature and I like it.:-!
I would love to get the black dial, black face watch but can't find it, even here in Panama. I checked the watch88 site and don't see it there either. Anyone know where I could get my grubby little hands on one of them?

And thanks for all the help everyone has given about this matter.

Boquete, Panama
Did you call the Citizen rep in Panama? If they feature the watch on their ads in means it is available.:-s
Found another one I like. After some reviews I changed my mind about the black one as a lot of people said the black was coming off and silver was showing through. Don't want that at all.

So I've got another question. I found this one and like it. I have some concerns about the Eco Drive watches in general. And yes I do have one right now, a moon phase perpetual calendar.

Without sounding trite do you think this watch will have a cheap "tinny" look to it? What do you think of this watch anyway. It's a minute Repeater (Chimes on the hour) but that won't matter to me probably as I'm hard of hearing and I'm sure the chime will be so soft that it would be hard for anyone to hear it.

Anyone got one of the Eco Drives with an Alarm or chime on it. Can you even hear the darn thing? And are the new one any better made that the ones from about sixyears ago? I haven't had any problems with the one I have except that it is pretty scratched up on the metal band and clasp. Have never had any problem with it working though.

BTW I found this one for 329 dollars on the net. think it will be as solid a watch as say my Orient Blue Mako that I got last month?

Boquete, Panama

David, that minute repeater is beautiful. Yet another Citizen not meant for US consumption.
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