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New watch on citizens TV commercial

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I live in Panama and I just saw a Citizen's watch commercial with two watches. One was the Acqualand and the other was a white face watch similar to a Nighthawk or Promaster type watch. It has several "windows" or something on it. Stunning looking watch. And my wife even said "that's really nice, I wonder how much it cost". Wow!!! Sounds like an approval to get one to me :-!

Problem is I can't find the specific watch on Amazon, Ebay, or anywhere else. Maybe it's a new model and not sold in the USA or something. Anyone got an idea where I could find one? Maybe it's Japan only but it would be strange they would run the ad on TV in Panama if that's the case.

Any suggestions are appreciated.
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Those are not Panamanian market exclusive watches, just so you know. For example the Aqualand and other variants have been available in Spain for a couple of years now. Here are some European variants of the asymmetrical Aqualands which I generally prefer to the US ones as they come with available bracelets (which for some strange reason the US models lack):

JV0055-00E (on rubber strap):

JV0055-51E (Ti on bracelet with rubber inserts):

JV0051-51E (Ti on bracelet):

JV0051-60E Ti on bracelet with rubber inserts (it's the one on the right):

I really enjoy shopping in Panama. I swear that place is like the Hong Kong of Latin America (but less crowded, with beaches, and not as many skyscrapers - though it is still full of them).
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I'll never understand why citizen seems to think that americans would not like these watches on their bracelets.
I found a few real woprld pictures of the VCitizen BU0011-63Z Calendrier oneBay Spain:

And here are some of the Citizen BU0011-55A from the Same seller:

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BTW, if anyone is interested, I ran a search and found that Watches88 has these for sale.
For how much Gabe?
IIRC it was in the $460's. Run a google search under either model number. the watches88 link will be the first one to return.

PS: Gabe, I know Citizen made a bullhead Eco-Drive. What do you know about those?
They made a couple of models several years ago. IIRC they were limited editions and where never reissued again. They shared a vague resemblance with their vintage mechanical models, but were big like the vintage seiko bullheads. IIRC they came in two variants (charcoal gray dial and a white dial). they occasioanly come up for sale on the trade forums, but when they do they are not cheap ($500+ is not uncommon).
Did you call the Citizen rep in Panama? If they feature the watch on their ads in means it is available.:-s
True and a Panama is a major distribution center for products all over Latin america. Citizen should have this watch available or be able to easily source it for you. Just find an AD in David and order the watch through them. Panama is small enough that surely they can have the watch shipped to them directly from Citizen in Panama City in a few days. It sure beats driving all the way to the Capital just for a watch.
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