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newbie need help with identifying zaria 17 jewel watch

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My grandparents lived from 1949-1960 in Russia and they came back with this watch.

It has written on it Zaria, 17 Jewels, Made in USSR

If anyone could tell me more I would really appreciate it.



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Zaria was known mainly for women's watches. They were made in the Penza Watch Factory, your watch has an in-house 20 mm movement (caliber 2009). The brand is still existing, and today it is part of the MakTime group.

Please search in the old threads with "Zarja", "Zarya", etc, you will find a lot of useful info. |>
I guess the watch you have there has the 1509 movement. It`s a 15 mm diameter movement used for woman's watches. To make sure of it, you should open back to look at the movement.

Best regards,
Usually the 1509 was used in narrow cases, while the 2009 was used in round cases, similarly to Chaika 1601 and 1301. However i have seen also "narrow" movements in round cases, so the only way to check is to open the caseback.
OT:By the way, just for curiosity, maybe you are interested to look at automatic Zaria 2016 which I saw at the Russian watch forum.
Oh, yes, i know it - here is mine. Very nice mini-automatic movement.

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Caro amico Michele! Of course, you`re right. We both know that in the time of the USSR, movements for woman`s watches were used for man`s. These type of watches sometimes are called "watches with a lot of air inside". I just can`t remember any 17 jewels Zaria movement except 1601 and 1509.
Zarja produced two series of 20 mm calibers. This is the first one, 17 jewels:

and this is the second version (2009B), still produced by Maktime. They are two radically different movement, the 2009B has 21 jewels.

And this is the "narrow" 1509B, 17 jewels, used in "round" cases too.

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