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Hi, I have an old 12S pocket watch given to me by my grandmother. The old movement is cheap and broken and have no plans of restoring it, however, I want to save the original dial. I want to transfer it to a more robust/modern and readily available Savonette or hunting calibre like the ETA 6498. Unfortunately, the 12S PW and ETA mechanisms have slightly different diameters. And i'm afraid of ordering the ETA 6498 only to find out in the end that the watch hand shafts wont align with the dial holes. Has anyone tried it before? I've spent days searching different forums, and even browsed thru Ranfft and the like, still with no answers.

So here are my questions:

1) Is the distance between the Hour hand and sub second hand standard? Can an ETA 6498 fit an old PW 12S dial?
2) Can you recommend a newer mechanical hunter movement of similar size to a 12S pocketwatch mechanism? (hopefully one that is readily available)

I attached a photo which better illustrates my predicament...
Any suggestions/inputs are greatly appreciated
Thank you!
12S vs ETA 6498.jpg


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