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Newest Member to my Frog Fam!

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Heres my newest addition to my froggie clan...WOW the gold is really metalic and more awesome than I thought!! My top two frogs are for sure this one and my all white GW 206K. :-!


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yeah u bet man. I do like dying them and just having a couple fresh whites on hand! I think I will get the gg. I have one on back order now from casio. I prob should just get the bezel and band and throw it on my 25th anv? xxxxxxx is my cell. I should be around this weekend...couple clients tomm.
dude, got ur cell written down. u might wanna keep ur cell to urself. there will some joker drunk call you in the middle of the night.
if ure a fan of dyeing, the GG, i think its they one to dye. u should dye the GG into a red jelly like nate's red jelly frog.
ill holla or PM you if i got the time this week. i cant go out when the heat is out at the same time.
thanks again, u big husker dude :-!
Congrats! Gold defender is one of the very unique frogs in 2xx series, though its price is still in a reasonable range.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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