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Newest Purchase TX!!!!

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Picked this guy up the other day. TX730 FLYBACK T3B901. I abolutely love this watch Fedex dropped it off today and immediately got a thumbs up from my roommate. Walked into work and another co worker of mine that is a semi watch geek gave me another great comment on the watch. The watch also has great weight and some decent lume with the applied LumiNova. It also fairly large at 44-45mm, so it deffently has great wrist presence. Over all build quality on this guy is great and even though TX is owned by timex, I think these TX series of watches really shows what kind of direction timex is trying to go in terms of quality. I can deff. see owning another TX in the future esp. if they keep coming out with great designs and great quality pieces like the 730 series has.

Other features,

Compass, 2nd time zone, 4hr Chrono, and date Sapphire Crystal


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That looks great!
How does the compass work on this one?
See below....and it seems to work very good set everything and checked it against a real compass and its spot on.

You push the button at 8 o'clock and the chronograph second hand rotates like a compass needle. It will rotate as you change position. You can also set declination if desired. Much nicer than the compass on my lcd abc's.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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