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Hmm, nobody shows off their Nexxtech wristwatches much! :-d

I have been gone SO LONG I can't believe it. First it was ripping down all the fencing around the property, then having cement patio & driveway put in, then holidays, then installing all new fencing, then ripping out the old furnace, then installing the new a/c and furnace (and updating everything to the new building code); and that's $10,000 blown up to this point in time. Then my water pump started piddling on the ground (on the wagon), and that is a massive pain in the backside. I suffered some major mechanics rash putting that right, and at last I have some free time to waste again!

Here's my report!

I saw this at The Source (by Circuit City, as they like to call themselves), for the lowly price of $19.99 Canadian. You can buy your own if you like!

It's quite a large watch, I haven't measured it with the calipers yet but it's got to be 14mm thick at least. Approaching 50mm diameter. Integrated rubber strap, eminintly comfortable; it has the springbars, way up in there, but you'd never find a proper replacement for the strap. And why bother? This is such a nice strap as it is! I have developed a real appreciation for the plain old rubber strap.

All my other LCDs are 9 segment display [I mean, 7 segment display], I had never found a decent (and cheap) dot matrix display until I stumbled upon this one. I actually thought it was a clearance price, but nope, that's the regular price.

To me this is the logical evolution of the cheap, competent LCD quartz. At the top is day of the week, at the bottom is month-day'year, and in the middle is hrs:mins and seconds above. The day does a little animation every 10 seconds: all the letters flip vertically; then they flip horizontally; then it wipes from bottom to top and back again. Gimmicky; flashy; but shows there's a little bit of power in its processor. Every digit is 6 segments wide by 7 segments tall. There are 12 digits in all, so that's 6x7x12 = 504 LCD elements right there (and I checked, even the first digit of the month display has the 6 segments wide even though it never displays anything but 0 or 1). The day of the week has letters made of 5x5 segments, so there's another 75 LCD elements. There are 4 more elements for the colon between hrs and mins; 2 more elements for the dash between month and date; and 2 more elements for the apostrophe between date and year.

504 + 75 + 4 + 2 + 2 = 587 LCD elements in all. WOW!

Modes: pressing "mode" in the bottom left puts it in "world time" mode, which replaces the day display with location (NYC, CCS, RIO, -2H, -1H, LON, PAR, CAI, MOW, DXB, KHI, DAC, BKK, HKG, TYO, SYD, NOU, AKL, MDY, HNL, ANC, LAX, DEN (mountain time zone), CHI, then NYC again).

Next mode is ALM, and there are 3 that can be programmed, and each individually activated or not.

Next mode is STW (stopwatch). Top right button starts and marks each lap. The display at top changes to a little man running to the left, and mon-day'yr changes to L-Lap and hundredths of a second. Bottom right button pauses the stopwatch, top right restarts it again. It can count up to 99 laps and duration of up to 23:59:59.99.

Next mode is TMR. You can set it up with whatever countdown duration you want and it remembers it (I set mine for 5 minutes). Bottom display changes to the current time. The top right button starts and pauses the countdown timer, bottom right button resets it back to its setting. It could time up to 23:59:59.

How do I like it? Very much thanks! I wouldn't call it necessarily super durable, but it seems strong and decently made. It unfortunately collected a couple nicks on the bezel from messing about beneath the hood so the finish isn't exactly super hard. The crystal is domed and is in-set beneath the level of the bezel, to better protect it from scratches (it is still flawless). The strap is simple but super comfortable. The electroluminescent backlight is bright and very functional, a touch and it's held on for 3 seconds.

This is the exact price I wanted to pay for this exact watch. 30m WR; very nice chrono, GMT, ample alarms; hourly chime if you want; a countdown timer; quartz precision; and very nice display. The chapter ring is superfluous, but not exactly out of place. I don't mind one whit that it says Nexxtech on it.

Durable, practical, nice looking, fun, and lots of standard features, and one heck of a great price. As I say, the logical evolution of the cheap, competent LCD quartz. It should say Timex on it; I have no idea why they don't make something like this. (Maybe the price point is too low?)

I dig it! :-!
I'll post some more pics soon.
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