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For the longest time, I'd soak a over dried nib in a glass drinking cup. Or a coffee mug.

I was always so paranoid about the nip hitting the glass and bending. It was horrible.

Last night I had a brain flash!!!!

How about I use a plastic tub?!?!?

Holy heck - that was a great idea :) :)

Soaked my nibs for a few hours last night in water with a touch of dish soap and it was awesome to not worry about the nibs so much.

And I dry my nibs on a paper towel...

What do you guys use to clean nibs?
Are there better ways to dry?


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Better still, silicon pinch cup. Some of em are literal pinch-size, others are decently large. Altho trying to handle the VP is trickier.

But the simpler solution is just to lay the section carefully into the water. Then it won't matter.

For drying, paper towel folded over several times, then inserted into the bottom of a glass or whatever. Nib is placed tip-down. Let gravity and capillary action work.

Dish soap is, IMO, optional. Lukewarm water can help; the effectiveness of water as a solvent is highly temperature-dependent. Obviously not a good idea to be TOO hot, tho. The potential risk with dish soap is being overactive, depending on the feed material. The detergents used can be a problem. Especially if you're just doing a routine clean/flush, as opposed to a major cleanup on a pen you suspect is seriously grunged. Like a pen you filled with Private Reserve or some other deeply saturated ink, then forgot for 6 months.
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