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Costruendo L’Indro - When outsourcing makes the fortune of those remaining
By Francesco Signor 01/18/2011

Florence – when a company decides to close its doors, the whole community suffers, in one way or another. Even if the company decides simply to transfer his assets elsewhere, abandoning themselves employees and collaborators. Not all the relocation, however, comes to harm. In fact, it may happen that someone sees in the folds of an ugly affair a drawing of fate or perhaps simply a nice opportunity to be seized. It has to be passed for the mind to Frederick Massacesi, founder of Anonimo Florentine watchmaking brand wanted, when in 1997 decided to embark on his new adventure some former teachers and designers who worked for Panerai, other historic Tuscan brand detected at the time by Vendôme.

"An Executive of CRF Massacesi Florence" tells "I said that the Group Vendome (became later Richemont, the world leader in the luxury sector, owner of Cartier, among others), was to acquire the Panerai watch company branch. I kept informed on the evolution of matter, so I came to know that the French group had transferred all operations in Switzerland, but the skills here in Florence ".

Entrepreneurial challenge, that of Anonimo, which harks back to the great tradition of precision mechanics and watchmaking fiorentina with a technical and an innovative design, developed with the collaboration of professionals of the sea, as the Sub National Cooperative (CNS) of Avenza.

There are about 250 customers of Anonymous in the world, 15% in Italy, for a turnover of approximately EUR 1 million. After the collapse of American and Japanese market, as a result of the global crisis, now the best buyers in other latitudes are: Russia, the piazza of Hong Kong which makes the whole locomotive from the far East, but there are positive signals from emerging markets such as Brazil and South Africa. Good fruit that cumulatively, so at least supports the nose of Massacesi, in the second half of 2011.

Meanwhile, anonymous has managed to overcome the crisis, Gale became a well-recognized among fans and collectors, in spite of its name so shamelessly anti-brands: Moreover, explains Massacesi "our watches, once produced and sold, no longer has designed them but they become an essential part of the wearer. " And it is seen during the 79esima Edition of Pitti Immagine Uomo. Anonimo has been one of the protagonists, 11th January, H24 project, the first shooting developed within 24 hours non-stop, live and visit, organized by Darden Studio, at the showroom Pecchioli Ceramics in Florence.

There are few innovations in the production of cases and movements, such as the use of bronze for the manufacture of resistant corrosion of seawater, or finishing Drass, which gives the speaker a steel titanium-like look and greater resistance to scratching.
Among the new generation products, carbon, a timepiece on the most competitive price range and a new "Military - Vintage" under 3 thousand euros.
Also the high-end watchmaking Dino Zei line (former President of Officine Panerai), characterized by large shapes and strictly mechanical movements.

Link to the article : Quando la delocalizzazione fa la fortuna di chi resta | Costruendo L'Indro
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