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Pick one

  • Archimede 200

    Votes: 20 16.0%
  • Archimede diver

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • Seiko spb 143

    Votes: 21 16.8%
  • Seiko spb 149

    Votes: 9 7.2%
  • Guinault Silent Service

    Votes: 3 2.4%
  • Tag Heuer Aqua Racer 200 quartz

    Votes: 22 17.6%
  • Sinn U50

    Votes: 41 32.8%
  • To hell with thickness. Sinn EZM 13.1

    Votes: 6 4.8%
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I'm looking for a toolish watch that can take hiking, running, mowing the lawn, swimming, grilling, fixing cars, drilling, kids and pets. It also needs to be good for traveling, not being interesting for mugging and can take a wife to dinner after a busy day (while traveling).

And it shouldn't be too big or tall for my flimsy 6,7 inch wrist.

This won't be my only watch, i have nice watches for office work, going out, etc. But i miss having a watch for afternoons and weekends where I don't want to be very worried about a watch getting a bump or two. But i still want it to be a watch to be proud on and happy to look at.

So my ideas are as follows, but feel free to add your own or endorse one of them. They are listed in no extra order. All are between 39 and 41.5 mm and 11 to 13.5 mm thick. All have a bracelet which is something i want. Prices are close (new or used) but it's clear Tag and Sinn are more expensive so i would go in preowned market for them, followed by Seiko, Archimede and Guinault.

Archimede 200 on bracelet

Watch Analog watch Rectangle Clock Watch accessory

Archimede diver

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Font

Both are heavy duty watches with plenty WR and even hardened steel. Automatic, not quartz. 200 is 39mm, diver is bigger at 41,5 mm. Thickness is good at 12mm for both.

Seiko spb 143 and 149

Well known company, both nice divers. 143 is classic, 149 brings some fun with color but maybe too much for evening serious dinner. Both at bigger size at 40.5 mm and 13.2 mm thickness.

Watch Analog watch White Black Clock

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Silver

Guinalt Silent Service

Interesting pick but i like the design. I don't know much about the company. Looks like American so i should also pay import tax. Saphire bezel. Good size at 41mm and 12.1mm thickness.

Watch Analog watch Clock Rectangle Watch accessory

Tag Heuer Aquaracer 200 quartz

The only quartz here but it would fit the tool watch category. It's not a problem for me. Size is very good at 40mm and only 11mm thickness. Looks good too.

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Material property

Sinn U50 Tegiment

Very known tool watch. Maybe even too toolish. Good size at 41mm and only 11,5mm thick. Hardened Steel.

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Rectangle


I'm only adding this one, because i like it a lot but it's way too thick at 41mm and huge 15 mm.

Watch Analog watch White Clock Watch accessory

This is what i selected so far. Any real world experiences with any of these watches would be great to share here. Any other ideas also.

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I'm looking for a toolish watch that can take ... mowing the lawn ... drilling
To each his own, but I generally go bare-wristed and never wear an automatic or mechanical watch while mowing the lawn or drilling, due to the sustained vibration of the forearms. The same goes for chopping wood, which is not sustained but is repeated and vigorous. Can the watches you listed handle this kind of treatment? Probably. But why punish them unnecessarily?

When I do wear a watch mowing the lawn or drilling, I am wearing a quartz.

I like the Sinn U50, but not for taking the wife to dinner.

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Of those, that Archimede 200 strikes me as the best. The others are more distinctly and obviously tool-ish and don’t match with an evening out beyond a casual one.

GADA is kind of a myth to me, though. I’m of that rather unpopular opinion that tool watches belong in the work realm and that “dress” watches are the everyday watches to dress up or down. All these watches with bezels look as out of place with a suit as a g-shock does.

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Casio MT-G M900, Vaer A5, Vaer D4, Sinn 104
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Not on your list...but have you considered Vaer field watches? They're pretty well built and look good. They have a C5 if you're feeling quartzy, and the A5 with a 9015 automatic. Not very pricey so you tend to worry less about them while doing garage work and the like.

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If you think a 149 is not appropriate for diner then definitely the sinn or archimede is not going to work either. It depends how fancy of places you like to go. Personally I would not use a sinn or Damasko for a GADA travel watch that would see the inside of a nicer restaurant. I am not really a seiko fan but the 143 is a great watch for what you are looking to do. I also love the ginault and I bought one for my travel / beater GADA watch and I like it so much I wear it all the time. Its become one of my favorites and gets way more wrist time than I thought it would.

The other one I will throw in the mix as a great GADA travel watch is the Formex Reef. I don't know how strict your budget is but for just a little more the last gen Breitling Superocean would fit your needs perfect.

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I’d honestly get the aquaracer out of this bunch. Partly because it’s quartz. I would never probably buy a quartz TAG at this point, but I did early on, and be damned if it hasn’t hung onto its spot in the rotation for over a decade. It’s been all over the world and I still love it.

it looks good, it’s always ready, the bracelet and case are great and it still has that special something that you give up going with something more “common”, for lack of a better word. Best part though is that the movement itself is very common so there could never be anything so wrong with it that a couple hundred bucks wouldn’t professionally fix. You also don’t have to worry because the chances of that are so low.

when we look for a true GADA we often get ourselves too in a frenzy about crap that doesn’t matter for a GADA and end up just adding something that’s basically just like the other stuff we always get. Fragile, expensive, dead every time we pick it up, big service costs. The lot. A nice quartz focuses you back on the things that matter for this slot in the collection, which is that this watch should just work. It should just be good to roll and look nice doing it. Tag quartz is hard to beat for that task.
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