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1. Sent Paul a PM requesting if his Aquadive was still for sale.
2. Paul answered in the affirmative.
3. Requested best price.
4. Was told that listed price was his best price.
5. Asked Paul for his Paypal address. Told him I would sleep on it and f I was going to buy the watch, I would send him the payment first thing in the morning.
6. Sent payment upon arriving at the office and told Paul the money was sent.
7. Paul acknowledges receipt of the money and tells me that he will send tracking information later in the day.
8. Two hours later Paul writes me to let me know that he should have mentioned that it was $1150.00 friends and family.
9. Overlooking that Paul is not a friend or family and that neither one of us is protected, and he only mentions this after the receipt of funds, I point out that he is proposing theft of services. I also tell him that if he cannot honor our agreement to return the funds.
10. He becomes belligerent, insulting and drops the F bomb a few times and sends me my money back with a final F off.

His word is worthless. Deal with the honorable members on this forum, not this guy.

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Had no idea this post existed until it was brought to my attention recently.

Rand is correct that I mentioned the price listed was net, preferably via paypal FF after he had already paid. My fault. I gladly returned his money immediately after he was not interested. What I don't recall however is the rest of his post. I have no issues with anymore not interested in FF. But as I recall our PM conversation it was the mention of Rand being a criminal attorney and threat of proposing theft of services that irked me. I've sold nearly a dozen watches here with impeccable feedback. Most of which was via FF or additional added fees. His post here paints with a broad brush.

Our conversation below...

Private correspondence removed by the Admin. As a reminder, from our rule 3: Private Messages (PM), along with other private correspondence, are not to be posted to the open forum without the permission of their original authors. If someone is concerned about the content of a PM that they receive, they should report it to the Moderators who will consider what action is to be taken.

From our Sales Corner Rules: DO NOT request payment via "Friends & Family" to avoid legitimate fees (i.e. PayPal). Ignoring this rule WILL lead to post deletion and possible account suspension or closure.
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