We featured the Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon at the beginning of the year. Of course we were not to know at that stage that the watch is owned and sufficiently beloved by Danish Actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau to be worn while being interviewed on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live. As can clearly be seen, Nikolaj, famous for his role as Jaime Lannister in HBO’s enduring saga ‘Game of Thrones’, gives the watch quite a bit of free prime time air time.

The Oktopus Moon Gold is a blend of precious metal and carbon. The Oktopus moonphase is encased in 18 karat rose gold and sealed with a layered carbon bezel, crafted using 3DTP technology.

The resulting timepiece shares the Linde Werdelin DNA of forward-thinking, innovative design, but equally belongs to the realm of sophisticated timepieces. The Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP Carbon is designed to be as much a dress watch as it is a sports watch.

Black and gold are contrasted throughout the design: from the in-house moonphase complication at the center of the timepiece, to the photorealistic, luminescent moons sitting on a golden disc, and outwards to the 3DTP bezel and 18 karat rose gold outer case.

The Oktopus Moon Gold 3DTP was released in early January in a limited and numbered series of 59 pieces, priced at CHF 35,000.But money can’t buy the exposure Nikolaj gave the coveted timepiece.

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