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NL BRIEF Braunschweig ? 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)

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NL BRIEF Braunschweig - 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)


Name: NL BRIEF Braunschweig
Model reference: BZ/05
a. Ronda 763, Swiss Parts, 1 jewel, battery type 364
b. Ronda 763.24, Swiss Parts, 1 jewel, battery type 364
Time display: two independent displays, 12h normal and 24h (with 24 on top) both displaying hours, minutes and seconds
Case: stainless steel with snap back
Size: diameter 36 mm, 39 mm with crown, 42 mm lug to lug
Height: 8 mm
Face: silver mat display with two subdials; on the left 12h dial with black hour markers; on the right 24h dial with black hour markers and yellow background for daily time 06-18.
Text on dial: 37 [Deutsche Post logo] 38 Niederlassung BRIEF Braunschweig
Text on back: Mineral glass Stainless steel Water resistant Dual Quartz movement limited edition NL BRIEF Braunschweig [Deutsche Post logo] Design
Hands and markers: metallic sword style hour and minute hands (hour hand on 24h display is black), yellow narrow seconds hands
Water-resistance: Water resistant
Crowns: unsigned crown at 3 to set time on 24h display, unsigned crown at 9 to set time on 12h display
Crystal: flat mineral crystal
Lug: 18 mm
Bracelet: leather strap with buckle

I'm really sorry that I had no possibility to post any reviews in the last weeks. Here we go again with a not so common 12/24 double quartz movement limited edition watch from Germany.


Quiet often you can see in auctions promotional watches with 24h dials. Mostly they are cheap - EUR 20-30. This one with two - 12h and 24h - movements is unique in its kind. And the price was double - EUR 60 including shipping. Not too much for a new never worn watch with original box and papers.


The mighty Deutsche Post (German Post) is running all over Germany 82 district centers for processing of letters. They are called "Briefzentrum" - letter center. Center number 38 is located in Braunschweig, and they decided that they need to honor their own best colleagues with a limited edition wristwatch. The design was ordered from Thomas Gneuss, watchmaker from Austria, who is running his own company Präzisions-Uhren Werkstätte (

The result is double quartz movement watch, based on Ronda 763 and 763.24 movements. 12h dial is on the left and 24h on the right. As watch is not big - 38 mm - both dials are small. The only markers are hour markers; there is no space for minute markers. But both dials are equipped even with seconds hands. As both dials are fully independent and you can set time with two crowns at 3 and 9 as you like, is this watch maybe the cheapest solution for a two time zone wristwatch which can follow even the zones with half-hour difference, like India (or even very rare cases with time difference of 45 min, like Nepal or Catham Islands)

The watch is brand new. Even the plastic protectors are still on place. As I have no intent to wear this watch I haven't changed the batterys to bring it in working condition.

The name NL BRIEF Braunschweig is written on case back and it means "Branch LETTER, Braunschweig".

The watch has serial number 0458, written in the passport. The total print-run is not known to me. The watch referenz number in passport is BZ/05. BZ stands obviously for Briefzentrum.

What I don't know is why on the dial and papers are written two Briefzentrum numbers - 37 and 38. Braunschweig is 38, 37 is Göttingen.
The quality is OK, above usual promotional watch level.


Nice gift for a good postman. Interesting addition to my collection, but will stay in my drawer.

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Re: NL BRIEF Braunschweig - 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)

Interesting watch, are the movements held pretty solidly?

Not a fan of the dial.. the two mini-watch dials are ok.. but looks odd with the logo numbers and text. Still a nice piece for a collection :)
Re: NL BRIEF Braunschweig - 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)

The both Ronda movements are absolutely OK and from the technical point is this watch OK too. But the dials are too small and generic, thats right, and good for a designed gift watch, but not good for a everyday watch.

One more complicated design with four independent quartz movements (12h + 3x 24h) is Breitling World Timer BR 80840. Here the small dials are more readable.

The problem with Breitling is that the movements are rare and forgotten German PUW movements and spare parts are impossible to find.
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Re: NL BRIEF Braunschweig - 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)

I think that postman's watch is incredibly difficult to red and not at all practical. while I can deal with a 12 hour watch without numbers, it's just impossible for me on a 24 hour watch. How do others feel?
Re: NL BRIEF Braunschweig - 12/24 double movement watch for postman (AWW 29)

I can do pretty well with them without being able to see the numbers now. .. well enough that I can wake up between 1 & 4 in the morning and actually know what time it is just using the lume markers ..I do have a much easier time with it using tritium than with regular lume... for some reason at night I can focus on tritium and it looks pretty crisp.. but with regular lume I can't really focus.. it stays a bit of a blur .. that being said I can still read it.

For the most part going from 24 on top to 12 on top doesn't make much of a difference to me .. although 24 on top is the majority of my watches.

Still.. this particular watch would tend to throw me off a bit :) Something about the size and the dots.. gets me thinking too long about what time it is.
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