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A friend of mine passed away last week and I’ve discovered he left me some watches (he knows I collect them) and one of them was this nice Seiko Dual Time Alarm quartz watch from August 1990 – so 21 years old this year.
5T32 Alarm Dual Time Seiko

38.5mm diameter and only 8.5mm deep it is a neat watch in gold tone and features both an alarm and a dual time, center seconds hand and sports a very elegant dial indeed. Quick set date with a window @3, plus an alarm crown @8 – it’s quite comprehensive.
The alarm features two set ups – a single time alarm and a regular alarm and these can be set using the crown @4 and adjusting the sub dial @6 to the time required. This crown also sets the alarm on/off. The alarm runs for 1 minute and 20 seconds. A Dual time can also be set and indicated with the sub dial which is handy.
The 5T32 is an unusual movement in that it has an electronic circuit rest switch which has to be operated after any battery change and a battery life indicator using the second hand moving in two-second intervals. On the inner surface of the case back there is a Piezoelectric element and the case is water resistant to 100m. Accuracy is around 15 secs per month.
Elegant Seiko 1990 Alarm

This is a quite rare and collectible model and has some signs of wear as evidenced by the dulling of the gold bezel and the loss of some gold color on both crowns. In fact I think maybe the main crown had a small cabochon on top at one time which has been lost or worn away. The push button is perfect, the case sides too, though some wear through is evident on the lug shoulders. The Hardlex crystal has minor scratches as expected with normal wear on a 21 year old. The stainless steel back has a few scratches where less than careful use of back removing tools have been used in the past.
Overall though it’s a very nice and as I said elegant watch, to which I’ve fitted a new Rosario Italian oiled calf leather strap which looks pretty good (the old strap which was not original was split, so it was discarded, as was the buckle which was a rather clumsy affair in poor condition).
All functions appear to work as they should, the alarm sound is nice and loud and I’m delighted with the watch and happy to have it in my collection – a nice example of a fairly rare Seiko – always a good thing to have.

Hope the information I've managed to find about this watch is correct and I'm sure others here who know the Seiko brand will let me know. I may however not keep it too long as my collection is moving towards mechanical only these days - I'll maybe think about it.

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Hi boswell,

I bought an example of this watch in about 1988 from Frankfurt for around DM650 after
some haggling. You're right it has an unusual timer mechanism that I particularly cherish
that enables you to time 1-minute by simply pressing the left button once! How easy is
that ? Or three minutes by pressing it three times. You don't even have to look at the

You're right that the crown should have a black stone in it that sticks out another 0.8mm
or so.

Once the winder came completely loose, and an unskilled watch repair shop bodged it,
so the second time zone button has been flaky ever since. I even subsequently sent
it to Seiko and asked for a new mechanism, but it still came back flaky.

Let me know if you want to sell yours...

George Robinson
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