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Not vintage? Not even old?

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Hello all..

Can you please take a look at these pictures of my new Favre Leuba Twin Power - it's in such clean condition I'm starting to have my doubts about it. The white hands, particularly, seem a little odd.

Is it old (60's, 70's)? or is it brand new and fake..? :-(

also.. the winder seems quite loose - ie, it wobbles a bit - fixable? and how do I take the back off - do I prise it off or does it rotate? (picture is by the seller)

thanks for looking



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The movemenet seems to be original, but the dial and hands are one of the Indian jobs more than likely. There are tons of them on ebay in every color of the rainbow. Most are ugly as sin. Finding and original dial is difficult. Regards-that is one fine movement!
I'm with johndozier, good movement you have there. Dial and hands, certainly Indian jobs.
Hello bitstreams, try go to this address. Maybe help you a lot.

Thanks for the response guys.. there are lots of things I know about, but watches isn't one of them clearly :-s

That said, it's nice to have a winding watch again, but it's disappointing to be 'taken' by an Indian refurb. Will continue to wear it, as I still like it, but can't help being a little disheartened. o|

Well, just feel lucky its in good running condition and it is indeed --Favre-Leuba. Try make friends with your local watchmaker for more knowledge.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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