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Hi fellow Doxaholics!

Let's see some modern and vintage group shots. I'll start this off with a few Doxas:

A Sharkhunter 300T and two Sharkie T-Graphs (2005 and a 40th Anniversary)

Moving on to Sinn...

An EZM1 and a Sinn 8 day aircraft clock (NaBo 56/8)

Next up, Omega...

A Seamaster SM300 and a Non-America's Cup

Can't leave out the Crown Jewels, Rolex/Tudor...

A Tudor Snowflake Sub and a Daytona Cosmograph

And what started it all for me...

Seiko 6309 (purchased new in Basic Training) and a second contract Marathon SAR

Let's see what old and new stuff you guys have!

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I'll play.....


Synchron 300T,Seahunter 300T reissue,Blacklung,300 noT Searambler,Blacklung,300 noT Sharkie,Army,Conquistador,US Divers 300T Pro,250T Sharkhunter,US Divers 300T Searambler,US Divers Quartz Sharkhunter,Doxa Spirotechnique,Tag Heuer Spirotechnique,Avricoste Spirotechnique, Dodane/Triton Spirotechnique, Seahunters 600T Divingstar,Philip Caribean 1000m

"Silver Shark"

750T Seahunter Caribbean,750T Clive Cussler White Shark,1000T Tusa,1000T Project Aware,!000t COSC Sharkhunter,Seiko Aqualung,Tressa Sub,Vostok Amphibian,600T Dirk Pitt,1200T DWL



Scubapro 500,Scubapro 500 Tuna Can (DLC),Scubapro Breitling 1000m Super Ocean Quartz,Scubapro 200 Chronosport,Scubapro 450 Seiko 6306 – 7001,Scubapro 700 ft Swiss Made Quartz,Mares/Reactor 200m Force,Orient PADI GeneQua Kinetic,Cressi Sub Automatic

Zinex Pirate Dial Trimix,Korsbek Ocean Explorer, Kenzo Nautilus,Dreadnought ,Orient King Diver (2 window),Seiko Aqualung professional 500M,Omega PloProf,Halios Halotype,Ocean 7 LM7 SS Blue Dial ,Zeno Army

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my little orange family ...
(from left to right: 300 (noT) - 600T - 200T.Graph - 300T - 750T)

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