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Oceanus Arrives!

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Hi Guy's
The oceanus 1st generation that I ordered from ebay seller jj_watches arrived today. My camera's batteries died so the attached wristshot is extremely poor, I will post better one's once my batteries are charged!There is one stock one attached as well to show in better detail the watch.

First impressions are of a very well made watch, solid weighty stainless steel construction, blued second hand and alarm hand, sapphire crystal.
the dial is white with a beautiful diamond pattern engraved, the numbers are polished metal finish.

A nice padded leather strap complements the watch perfectly I think!

There is a sunken button on the side of the case at the 2 o'clock position that can be pulled out to activate the alarm.

I hope it is OK to mention this but I want to say what a positive experience I had from the seller, he went out of his way to help me get the watch as I had special circumstances. He was prepared to wait for the payment to come through a longer time scale and once payment arrived mailed the watch out the same day!

The watch came will all protective stickers in place and very well packaged, it came exactly as described. I got the watch for $35 but he had raised the price to $39 after I had ordered mine, still great value for this watch I believe, list new was $180!
I will be buying my next G shock from him!

I have never had so many new watches arrive in such a short space of time..I love it!
Thanks Guys, better pictures in the next few days!


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Congrats amigo.....Gotta love when a watch comes thats worth the wait, eh? Nice choice, very classic looking...:-!
Cheers Doug, it's really well put together, very solid feeling.
Any news on the Geiz? Mine took ten days, hope yours is quicker!:-!
10 Business days? Or 10 days overall?
Please don't make we wait 10 business days!!!
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So Ian, shoot the Oceanus to America over to me and I'll do a YouTube review of it, then you'll be able to proudly wear it again in approx. 6-10 weeks :-!
On it's way Doug, though you may get it quicker as I decided to visit in person and am walking:-d:-d:-d
so THATS how you lost all that weight you were talking about :-d
Yeh, that and a radical concept I happened upon.. not stuffing as much food down me throat:-d:-d:-d
Feels great tho' I am not on a diet!I have just adjusted my eating and I walk everywhere, actually make that bike now as I am getting back into Biking in a big way! In inches I have gone from a 46 inch waist in October to a 36 inch waist now and it is still coming off, I will probably get down to a 32 inch waist I reckon!
Nice job man!!! :-! In that case, don't walk the watch over, RIDE it over :-d
Funny, that's what most of the woman I have known have called me for years...Can't think why:-s:-:)-d
:rodekaart WHOOOAA slow down fella....TMI amigo TMI :-d:-d
Re: Oceanus Mania!

Congratulations, You will not regret it!
Here is a link to some better pictures of what your getting, I 'm looking forward to seeing pictures of yours!
Did she say THAT too Ian? :-d:-d:-d
1 - 8 of 71 Posts
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