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Oceanus Arrives!

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Hi Guy's
The oceanus 1st generation that I ordered from ebay seller jj_watches arrived today. My camera's batteries died so the attached wristshot is extremely poor, I will post better one's once my batteries are charged!There is one stock one attached as well to show in better detail the watch.

First impressions are of a very well made watch, solid weighty stainless steel construction, blued second hand and alarm hand, sapphire crystal.
the dial is white with a beautiful diamond pattern engraved, the numbers are polished metal finish.

A nice padded leather strap complements the watch perfectly I think!

There is a sunken button on the side of the case at the 2 o'clock position that can be pulled out to activate the alarm.

I hope it is OK to mention this but I want to say what a positive experience I had from the seller, he went out of his way to help me get the watch as I had special circumstances. He was prepared to wait for the payment to come through a longer time scale and once payment arrived mailed the watch out the same day!

The watch came will all protective stickers in place and very well packaged, it came exactly as described. I got the watch for $35 but he had raised the price to $39 after I had ordered mine, still great value for this watch I believe, list new was $180!
I will be buying my next G shock from him!

I have never had so many new watches arrive in such a short space of time..I love it!
Thanks Guys, better pictures in the next few days!


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Great looking watch.
Thanks Blacksheep, it took ten days to arrive, I'm routing for your new frog to come tomorrow! Hopefully Doug's Geiz will have got here by then as well!
Congrats amigo.....Gotta love when a watch comes thats worth the wait, eh? Nice choice, very classic looking...:-!
Cheers Doug, it's really well put together, very solid feeling.
Any news on the Geiz? Mine took ten days, hope yours is quicker!:-!
Please don't make we wait 10 business days!!!
OK everyone, begin the mantra, Doug's gonna get his Geiz today, doug's gonna get his Geiz today.... the power of positive thought!:-!:-!
same comment but i must add :simple and elegant. :-!
I'm still waiting with him for his GIEZ to arrive. its killing him and me.
Cheers mate, how are things going? I am so routing for doug getting his Geiz tomorrow and you your froggie very soon after!
Man I am loving this Oceanus, $35 plush shipping, incredible value! it's easily worth the original $180!
Cool, almost Panerai-style!
Yes! That is exactly what I thought, it actually came from an ebay seller in your home town, Thanks so much for your kind thoughts!
Ah, I see the cushion case Oceanus arrived. Congrats, Ian! It has nice retro touches. :-!
Thanks Vintage, It is so well made, can't believe what I got for the price!
What is the lug width on those? I was looking at the black dialed one but I'm hesitant if the strap is too narrow. It just looks like it would go well on a wide band.
The dimensions are:

length(lug to lug):47mm


width(excluding crown):40mm

Width(including crown):44mm

Strap width: 22mm.

Which black dialed one are you looking at, the non chrono or chrono?
I think the none Chrono has the same diamond pattern dial as this one, it is stunning! Hope you get one, at the price you really cannot got wrong!
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Nice watch, Ive also purchased from jj & had a hassle free experience.
He was very very helpful, I see he has another store on ebay as well as a non ebay store!
It was a grey wet day here yesterday so not a lot of light around, the watch was exposed to normal indoor light.
I went to bed and wondered what the glow was, it was the lume from the watch! really bright and pleny of it, large amounts of lume applied to the hands makes it really easy to read even without my glasses and the dot's around the hours were very legible as well, I went to bed around midnight and woke up at 4.00am and the lume was still there, I guess around 50% of what it was! I don't think that's too shabby! Muddy will be taking a rest today!
Cheers Ian, very helpful. I'm interested in the non chrono black face, will have a look on ebay tonight. By the way, does JJ have a non ebay website ?
cheers again
I don't have official conformation of this but jj's email is this company so I am guessing they are one and the same!
The black face one has the same diamond style engraving, photo's do this finish no justice, it really is very beautiful. The watch in my opinion easily is worth the full Price of $180 but at what they are selling them for on ebay it is quite frankly a no brainer! I have some history with high end watches and I have to say that his comess very close to fit and finish of those higher end brands, Just my opinion but I am very impressed with the quality of casio nowadays. Just wait till you see close up shots of Dougs Geiz, that is remarkable I feel, really well made!
10 Business days? Or 10 days overall?
Shipped on the 18th, arrived on the 28th!:-!
Yours is going to be here today!:-!:-!
Super deal.

I'll do a review on mine as well.
I'm looking forward to it! What one have you got?
I am hoping to get some better pictures posted, I have to get a new camera though, turns out the old canon has finally given up the ghost, thought it was a battery but no I 'm afraid!
I have both. Purchased them 2 months ago but will only get them this week (hopefully) because I was traveling.
I don't think you will be dissapointed, especially when you take into account the price!
Can't wait to see side by side shots!
Cheers for the threads, I've just hunted down a very cheap Oceanus OC503L-1AV on ebay (black face chrono with sapphire glass), $49 plus shipping, bargain ! Retail $270....Got it from 4-watches.
Thats more...
OOO, That is a lovely one and an amazing deal, Can't wait to see the pic's!
Have had the watches for a few days. I'm very impressed with the value of these Oceanus. Easily on par with some $300 Victorinox or Wenger models.

The fit, finish and attention to detail is evident. What I like best is the embossed dial and applied lumed markers that's usually found on higher priced watches like the Seiko Premier line (not Premier quality yet though :p).

I don't think there's a better looking time/date/alarm quartz currently.

Specs wise, you get solid end links, push button clasp, accented links, sapphire crystal, screwdown crown and 100m WR. The bracelet is not as comfy as say the oyster on JDM Prospex but easily the equal of a recent Seiko 5.

This is THE ebay deal for watches under $100 for me.
I completely agree with your thoughts! The dial is what get,s it for me, really fine detail! Also I like the way the polished and brushed finish complement each other, this watch shines like no other I have owned.
As you say, it's the watch on ebay for under $100!
Thanks for the review and I hope you continue to enjoy them, would be great to see some pic's of yours!
Pictures tomorrow.

One more thing. You can't hear the tick of the second hand even with the watch glued to your ear. That means the sapphire crystal is really thick.

An old-timer told me a silent quartz watch (with a second hand) is a good sign of quality. Guess this Oceanus passes.
Funny you should say that as It is something I noticed as well, did'nt know about the sign of quality though!
Looking forward to the pictures tomorrow!
Fantastic picture RPF and the black face looks great! You really captured the quality in these watches, I hope you continue to enjoy them for a long time.
Tribe, that's one of my favorite Lyle albums! A very underrated singer in my opinion, he always pushes the artistic boundries!
Is it 40mm from the case edges between 2 and 8 o'clock or from 3 and 9 o'clock (excluding the crown)? Thanks.
between 3 and 9 o'clock the dimension from 2-8 is:46mm
hope that helps!
So Ian, shoot the Oceanus to America over to me and I'll do a YouTube review of it, then you'll be able to proudly wear it again in approx. 6-10 weeks :-!
On it's way Doug, though you may get it quicker as I decided to visit in person and am walking:-d:-d:-d
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