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First of all,
I'm Korean, so maybe poor English appears...
Want you guys to understand ;)

It's hard to write in English but
I got so much help here to buy this watch.
So I wanna be helpful too..

I found that
oceanus s100 models have quite good reputation in this forum.
I bought t150(newer model) at Biccamera while traveling japan.
I paid about 51000Yen and got 6600 point available (same as Yen) so its more than 10% lol

Let me show some pics






Sorry for bad quality of pics,,,

It's basic model in Oceanus lineups.

Texture of its dial is so beautiful.
Blue edge glows by the reflection of light.
White color is kind of milky.

Titanium texture is comfortable.
I think its less scratch resistent than citizen duratect models,
but it has good feeling. not slippery on my wrist.
I once had citizen titanium watch, It was light but slippery so
not quite comfortable.
Stem has beautiful detail(engraved).

It has snap back case, so quite suspicious about water resistent.
Anyway it's 100m resist.

Radio receiving is perfect in Korea.
Although I put this watch where the distance between window is 1~2 meter,
It always auto-receive radio signals during night.

well, I really satisfied with my new watch.
end of review, free questions ;)

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This is a great looking watch. After going down the Oceanus rabbit hole, this one has come out on top.
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