We’re a little overdue on getting this together, but after running threads on featured finds around the web for holiday sales like Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, why not get a mega thread going on some of the deals we’ve been finding online over the course of October? Consider this a bit of pre-gaming ahead of Black Friday, as we suspect that at least some of you will be keeping close tabs on the deals that will be heading our way in late November. For the time being we wouldn’t say that these are “Mega Sales” or “Doorbuster Deals” as so much bad advertising likes to claim, but instead an assortment of smartly priced watches that are discounted enough to be worth looking at if you’ve been holding off of the idea of buying them at full-pop retail pricing. As you can see from the hero image, we’ve got some good Oris options in the mix, alongside a few marked down Seikos, and some surprisingly deep discounts on a few offerings from Bvlgari and Chopard.

Oris Options at Bob’s Watches (with a lot of new stock incoming soon)
You might remember that in late 2018, we covered the news that Bob’s Watches had started selling pre-owned but unworn Oris watches for roughly 40% off, and it seems that they’ve been sticking with it. Taking a look at the current inventory, those discounts now range between 35% and 50% off of the original retail price, and includes a host of references including models from the Divers Sixty-Five, Chronoris, Aquis, and Big Crown/Propilot lines. We checked in with the Bob’s Watches team, and we were informed that there are quite a few additional references that are either just about to arrive, or that are currently being processed to be added to the site. With that in mind, Oris fans are best to keep an eye on that page in the coming weeks. For the time being, here’s a hit list of what’s currently available.

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Watch accessory

  1. Black Dial Chronoris—$995
    With a Movember Edition in my own current collection, I’m a little biased when it comes to the Chronoris. 39mm across, fitted with a domed sapphire crystal and an internal timing bezel, and fitted to a 19mm leather strap, the Chronoris is a compact charmer that’s easy to wear anywhere. Your OCD might be triggered by the purposely contrasting finishing to the two separate crowns, or the fact that the time setting crown isn’t screw-down, but keep in mind that with 100m of water resistance it's plenty effective daily.
    Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Font
  2. Silver Dial Divers Sixty-Five—$1,195
    The 42mm silver dial Sixty-Five makes the cut, not only because it’s for sale for mighty close to what pre-owned examples go for on the forums, but also the simple fact that we haven’t seen the silver dial listed for sale in a good while now in the Buy/Sell/Trade pages. This version comes on a distressed leather strap, but they also have a bracelet reference or two (other dial colors) listed if that’s your preference.
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  3. Blue Dial Big Crown ProPilot Big Date—$1,095
    I always take flack for leaning towards more conservative case sizes, but especially given its case and lug profile, this 41mm Big Date ProPilot is plenty big for most of us. Much like with the Sixty-Five, there are other references in the line also available that are coming in around the same price point, including the 44mm version of the ProPilot.

Discounted Seiko References at Macy’s
Macy’s is really one of those spots that we tend to look at later in the year/around Black Friday, yet we didn’t notice previously that there’s a separate Seiko Sales and Discounts page on their site that seems to be refreshed somewhat regularly. Perhaps worthy of a bookmark? Aside from a couple of Cocktail & Presage references, the two below stood out as noteworthy.
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  1. Arnie “Safarnie” Ana/Digi SJN029—$412.50
    If you’ve been waiting for a “big watch” in this list, how does 47.8mm sound? Jokes aside, the Seiko Arnie references are always worth a look. The product description leaves a lot to be desired here, as this is a Solar movement, not an automatic one.
    Watch Analog watch White Clock Watch accessory
  2. Seiko 5 Sport SRPE79—$281.25
The reception towards these “not really diver” Seiko 5 references has been mixed to say the least, especially when we all learned that the supposed SKX replacements would not have screw-down crowns, but for a street/daily wearer that just wants something a little out of the ordinary on the cheap, You’ve gotta admit that this is a pretty interesting reference. A relief bezel, a sort of distressed bead blasted case, and a uniquely textured dial? I’m into it, and I know some of you will be as well.

Going Grey—Bvlgari & Chopard Discounts at Jomashop
We’ve had discussion after discussion here about the grey market, its inherent risks and rewards, and the impact it has on the community at large. That said, it’s here, and there’s nothing I can say or do on my own that will change the nature of the business, and those comfortable with buying on the grey market will remain content to buy on the grey market. That in mind, Jomashop has a Bvlgari and Chopard sale on the go with a few gems hiding in it.
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  1. Bvlgari Diagono Scuba Black Dial—$3,995
    Never as popular as the Octo Finissimo line these days, the 41mm Diagono Scuba in steel has an almost Seamaster-like profile, albeit fitted with an integrated rubber strap. At over $6k retail it’s a steep ask, but for under $4k it’s a different story.
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  2. Chopard Mille Miglia References—from $4,195
    This one is a tough one to narrow down, but there are a good number of Mille Miglia references from Chopard on sale as part of this event, including standard 3-hand steel references all the way up to gold chronographs. Have a skim, and see what you like.
Alright, that’s our first pass at this month’s watch deals, but what have you seen out there? Any noteworthy sales/discounts/etc to speak of? Feel free to drop a link or two in the thread below.