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Official Seamaster Railmaster Owner's Club

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There is an Omega Seamaster Owner's Club and Railmasters are Seamasters, but so are multiple other Seamaster models (300's, Chronos, Aqua Terra's, Planet Ocean's, Bullhead's, Ploprof's) which dilute it too much. I think Railmaster's deserve their own Official Owner's Club, so here it goes!

All Railmaster versions are welcome: vintage, manuals, autos, jumbos, chronos, coaxials, master coaxials, LE / anniversary, etc. so all climb aboard!

Here's my current Railmaster: A 39 MM caliber 2403 model 2503.52.00

First on steel bracelet:

Here on Omega OEM alligator band with deployant:

and finally on black cordura snoopy band with deployant:

Show us the one (s) you own, had or wish to own !!!!!!
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Re: Official Railmaster Owners Club

My love of the Railmaster started quite a few years ago. While looking for a smaller, simple watch with no date, I found myself at an Omega AD near home. In the display case was a gorgeous 36mm Omega Railmaster 2504.52, with steel bracelet. A put down a deposit, and picked it up a few weeks later. I loved it, and even more when I found a brown alligator leather strap to fit on it. A couple of years later, I was lusting after something else, so I sold it. Years later, it is almost unobtainable. A year or so later, I searched for one and all I could find were the larger 39mm and 41mm models. So I basically gave up.

Meanwhile, I had in the back of my mind that I would love to find a vintage piece like the 1957 vintage classic. I literally hounded the poor folks at the Omega Boutique, asking if they thought Omega would ever release another Railmaster. Even if it did not exactly resemble my 2504.52 or the 1957 model. I could not afford a real vintage piece, so I kind of put the Railmaster out of my mind. Until 2017. When Omega announced the 2017 Trilogy models, I thought I was dreaming. What brand would ever issue a model that is exactly how you envisioned it in your hopes and dreams?!

Needless to say, the 60th Anniversary Trilogy Railmaster is my favorite watch. I do have a really nice watch collection, but if I had to give up all but one, the Railmaster would be the one to stay. I do have to say that when it first appeared I was in a bad way financially and, as it is a limited edition, I was not sure if I could raise the funds in time to get one. However, in 2017, the new model was also released, the 40mm coaxial. I loved it as well. So much, that I decided I would not be disappointed if the Trilogy model sold out and I got the new model. As it happened, I did get the Trilogy, but like the new model so much that I might possibly end up with both at some point.

Anyway, sorry to ramble. Here are a few pics of my Railmaster:

On OEM Omega leather strap:

On stainless steel bracelet:

This watch is a true work of art, as are all three Trilogy models. I really believe that the Railmaster is the most versatile. But that's just me. And for me there will never be another watch quite like the Omega Railmaster, regardless of model. Thanks to fskywalker for starting this thread. A great idea, and so well deserved!

Wow, Carl!....almost my same story!....could've been written by me!
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Re: Official Railmaster Owners Club

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