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I got a CH2557 Fossil quite a while ago, second hand from somebody on the forum, but it had a problem - the crown and stem sometimes pulled out.
I found out that there is no real correction for this except to replace the stem. Usually, it's a bad or broken stem.
Well anyway I messed around with it, and it still sort of adjusted the time with the stem pushed back in, so I just lived with it awhile. But then one day, I got home & the crown and stem were lost. So that's that for that.

But it's an interesting wood-grain Fossil, so I checked with the factory and found out that Metro watch repair has a $40 flat rate for replacing crown & stem. But the watch is worth about that, so I hemmed & hawed until I realized I wasn't going to find another CH2577 very quickly, and eventually I decided to send it in, to suck up the $40 repair and be done with it.

However, alas, I probably delayed too long, because this is the letter I got back from Metro:

Text Font Document Paper

Now I have $195 credit to buy a new Fossil!!

So that's pretty cool :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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