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e featured the Oktopus II Double Date way back in early March and we told you then that you would have to wait until Autumn 2012 to get your hands on one.

Now the watches are starting to roll out, and in the process they are whipping up another feeding frenzy among all the watch journals and watch blogs. Watch bloggers tend to get more excited over the launch of a new LW than they ever do over a carefully stage managed new Hublot variation.

The new addition to the Oktopus family is the stunning Oktopus II Double Date Titanium Blue, which is arguably the best looking of them all.

The new Oktopus II “Titanium Blue” will join the ‘Titanium Yellow’ and ‘Rose Gold’ models in the Oktopus family. The Titanium Blue perfectly embodies the diving and water theme of the watch, and is a great alternative to LW fans who prefer something more subtle than the Titanium Yellow.

These then are the essential ingredients of the Linde Werdelin Oktopus II Double Date

5-part case

The Oktopus II Double Date’s innovative five part case construction ensures absolute water resistance as well as excellent protection against seawater corrosion. The four case parts at three, six, nine and twelve o’clock, are built separately from the movement chamber and are used to attach the strap as well as to hold the attachable instrument.

The construction was inspired by the air-tight pressure chamber used for diving simulations when testing both the Oktopus II and the Reef. All the screws comprise of laminated tension discs to tighten and reinforce the construction.

The mechanism is perfectly protected as it is housed inside a special chamber that is totally sealed and separated from the other four parts of the case.

Robust 15.25mm x 46mm case

The case is a robust 15.25mm thick by 46mm, which makes for easy and assured handling while under water.

To guarantee this we have chosen anticorrosive materials such as gold, titanium and ceramic, the last employed for the first time on our timepieces
explains Morten Linde.

Cutting-edge precision

As Morten Linde and Jorn Werdelin went on to explain, the new Oktopus II had been crafted with such precision that it would not be possible to create it just 10 years ago. The watch is water resistant up to 300 metres.

2-layer dial

The dial of the Oktopus II is built in two layers. The upper level is cut out in a stencil, it bears the LW logo and indexes 3, 6 and 9 in superluminova, together with the big calendar wheels, the dial reveals the icon of an octopus.

The lower dial is made with a circular Cote de Genève dial to give the effect of water ripples. Two circular wheels indicate the date through the unmissable double date aperture at 12 o’clock.

Custom-made movement

The Oktopus II is powered by a Dubois Depraz Calibre 14580 self-winding movement specially made for Linde Werdelin and provides 44 hour of power-reserve.


Oktopus II – Double Date Titanium Blue in titanium and ceramic with blue accents retails at around $9,128.00.
Oktopus II – Double Date Titanium Yellow in titanium, titanium DLC and ceramic with yellow accents retails at around $9,751.00.
Oktopus II – Double Date Rose Gold in rose gold and titanium retails at around $19,150.00, all exclusive of VAT.

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Article: Michael West for Watchuseek (c)

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As am I. I'm becoming more and more tempted each time I see new images - love the new alterations.
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