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Sinn 103 ST Diapal
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Hello everyone of Doxaholics :-!
I've just added myself as a member to your fine Doxa-club. I think it's a fantastic thing to have a forum like this for people who are genuine interested to watches,like myself, to find equals inside the great world of watches. I've been egerly reading many of the posts on the Doxa forum and i have a little question myself for the one or those who would know; What movement,meaning,which caliber from which manufacturer were used in the oldest Doxa subs like the one the author of the Dirk Pitt books,Clive Cussler bought and still uses today as i've read in a former edition of the international watchmagazine? Does anybody know? I bought a Doxa Sharkhunter 750T Military edition earlier this year, and i like it very much,and i'm considering to buy the Sharkhunter 1000T Pro. Any toughts or advice from any of you round this issue? I'll be very happy for answers from all of you people. Thank you.

Best regards

Robert, Mr MilShark
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