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Old Kirovskie

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Yesterday I took the old watch of my grandfather - vintage Кировские. He was wearing it since I remember him, till few years ago. The watch is working, I still didn't measure how exactly it is keeping the time. I will try to restore it as it's one of my memories linked with my grandfather.
Just to post the pictures here, I hope there will be "before" and "after" post soon :roll:


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The green one is my favorite, but all the crabs are nice. Do they come in other colors in addition to green and brown?
There is the black one:

and another hue of green

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sorry for double posting :-d
Two fine examples there, Vaurien.

Does the top one really have a black circle on the dial though? It's obviously the same watch as mine, but to me it looks more like a very dark brown colour....or perhaps they are different versions - yours black and mine dark brown :think: ....
The circle around dial, in the first of my Kirovskies, is really black. I think there are also other versions, maybe a red one? ... if I remember well :roll:
Waw! :p
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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