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So I just finally received a watch in the post from a seller, but upon closer inspection it turns out there are some anamolies.

It is a generic ETA 955112 quartz movement in it.
The crown is a generic gold plated crown attached to a split stem.
Generic acrylic crystal (no microscopic omega logo engraved in the center).
Movement spacer has no screws holding it to the movement, but the screwholes are on the movement.
The case is a front loading case with the inner caseback showing some stamps / hallmarks, notably:
  • logo saying Kaho (Kaha?)
  • TB hallmark
  • 196 295 h (with a very wonky 2)

outisde of the caseback has no logos but 2 very small 375 hallmarks showing that it is a gold case.

I believe this is real gold, but I do not believe it is made by or for omega. I cannot find anything on google for this reference number.
Pics attached. I look forward to hearing from you.
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