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Omega Automatic (1941?)

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Hello all,

I am looking at this Omega and was wondering if it was real or not. It was engraved 1941 as the year it was gifted, but does the face represent that time period?

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Clearly not and the 1941 isn't the year it was given, but was the "class of 1941". Depending on what the "class" was, it would have been far later - but certainly after 1964 after the "Early Settlers" program was started.

It sounds like Samuel Laverde started with B&L in 1941. Here is some information on the program.

The watch itself has issues - aftermarket crown and bracelet and there is something off with the dial. Watches with engravings usually take a pretty hard hit value wise unless there is a sentimental value on the "engravee" is famous and has a connection to the watch.
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