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Hello Ladies and Gents,

My Mum works in a local charity shop and one of her jobs is to look through all the jewellery and replace the batteries in watches. Mostly the watches are designer rubbish, the occasional older Seiko and other quartz watches.

They also got an interesting selection of fake watches, so she always asks my advice when something different arrives.

The DeVille here is one such watch.

As far as I can tell it is genuine, however the case numbers do not appear in the Omega Vintage Watch search. But I can assume that it is not a comprehensive listing as they want you to get the data sheets from them.

Therefore I thought I would throw it open to you all for comment and an assessment of its age (I'm thinking 70's to 80's), before I get its documentation from Omega.

The information I can give is:

Cal:- 1330
Movement serial number:- 41 175139 (well I assume that's what the number in the black circle on the movement is supposed to be)
Case Number:- 191.0065/391.0025
Case Material:- Gold Plated 20 Micron thick (I think)
Strap:- Gold coloured fine metal weave with omega marking on end

Nice clean face and a good crystal, a few scratches on case back and general signs of being worn.

I have added pictures below.

Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Fashion accessory Jewellery
Watch Fashion accessory Brass Metal
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Material property Fashion accessory
Metal Tin Brass Measuring instrument
Brass Metal Watch
Fashion accessory Brass Metal Watch accessory

Thank you for all your comments.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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