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I don't have many pictures of myself that aren't of my wrist...

This one is the only one I could find... wearing my Christopher Ward Trident.

Guess I'll have to thrown an one of my Omegas and have a photoshoot! lol

Here's one of my wife the day she got her Omega Tresor and the day I got my Seamaster Chrono... that was a good day!

She's the one with the red bag, not the one in the red dress.

Here's our wrists....

Have 3 girls none of which I have pics of in my flckr even though my cell phone is loaded with them...?

That's ok they'd probably prefer I didn't share their pics anyway. Older teenage/young adult ladies.

I also have 2 dogs, 3 cats and a bird. Perhaps they will make appearances at a later date?
881 - 885 of 885 Posts