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I think the two biggest boom to Omega has been;
1) The James Bond franchise, and
2) the unwillingness or inability for Rolex to meet customer desires.

It would be a challenge to quantify or prioritize these two.

We were in Denver a couple of weeks ago, don't get to the big City very often, and went to one of the malls. There is a jewelry store called Hyde Park and they have split their watches into kind of boutique stores, Roles, Breitling and Omega. First was the Rolex store which had the most square footage, their display cases all had, don't remember the exact wording but "Not for sale - display model only". There was one sales associate and the obligatory non-smiling almost comatose guard (nothing to guard except for the plastic signs). We walked in and were the only ones there, the sales associate was in the back part and did respond with 'Hi', but that was it.

We then walked by the Breitling store and there were a few people in there, but I was on a mission to see an Omega Seamaster.

Entering the Omega store, there were three sales associates all helping people. We had to wait several minutes for one of the sales associates to complete their transaction. I wanted to look at the latest Seamaster to go with my Speedmaster and they were very helpful. While we were there besides the watch that I purchased they sold at least three more Omegas.

It got me thinking that Omega Management must go home every night thanking Rolex for failure to rise to the challenge. I don't think there could be anything more helpful to the sales of Omegas than what is happening with Rolex.

I'm at the point in my life I could acquire a Rolex but with the wait time involved, since I'm a more senior citizen, not sure I would have time to really enjoy it. Then again I really like the Omegas.

Here is the Seamaster that I purchased.
Congrats on the new purchase!! Beautiful watch choice.

I think you forget the whole Moon watch thingy
Hahah I was thinking the same thing
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