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Hi there. Im selling these on behalf of my father, as he is helping me pay my debts at the moment. I am not too sure of the value of the watches, so i will take any best offer that gets given to me! I live in Scotland in the UK, and i will be using courier to deliver the watches. I can also meet up in person if in local area, with no need for postage charge. Please read below for information and pictures..

Omega Pocket Watch :

Inside the watch it has written at the top: ACIER STAYBRITE
Then is the omega sign within a triangle, and below that is the words: FAB – SUISSE, SWISS MADE.
Below all this is the numbers: 9878258.

Then, it seems to have some information etched. This is hard to make out, and will be hard to see in the pictures but i have did my best:

10/501 CL

It also has writing which looks like a date etched also very lightly – 5/8/14, and also the following which seems to be etched lightly:


There may be more, but it is hard to make out!

Inside the watch on the movement, is the numbers: 8960864 written around the watch on the left hand side. It has written at the bottom: OMEGA, and then Swiss 15 jewels.

It also has the small lever pointing to letters: It has a letter i cant make out. due to the level being on top of it, and directly below that letter is the letter F. Across from the unknown letter is the letter R with the letter S directly beneath that.

It also seems to have some writing which is hard to read (may be a serial number?) This is written beneath the part that is moving. Here is some of the writing, but unfortunetly i dont think i can get the full writing:

38 5L 71 (I dont know if there is more writing before that, i cant really see due the movement moving!)

It is in really excellent condition. As you can see from the pictures, the movement and inside of the watch is clean and bright, free of any rust or dirt. The watch itself on the back, has a few very light scratches that are hard to make out.
The front of the watch is also good condition. It looks as if when the jeweller was looking at it, as if some black dust got caught in the face, which im sure can be fixed easily. The face itself is also quite clean, and the watch is working!

Cyma Pocket Watch:

On the back of the watch it reads:

^ ( a arrow head )


It seems to be hand etched, but i am not too sure.

Inside of the watch, on the back of the back of the watch, it reads:

Swiss Made. Below that is the numbers:
and written beneath that is more numbers:

Inside the watch on the movement it reads on the left hand side going round the watch – 387489.
It also has the words 'swiss made' around one of the cogs, and on the largest cog is written - CYMA with two small stars at the bottom.
It also has patented written at the bottom, with 15 jewels also written.

It has a little lever with the letters F (underneath that letter is the letter A) and across from F is the letter S with the letter R directly beneath that.

I'm sure it was a watch given to people within the army/raf but i am not to sure. This watch is also working! It is in fair condition i would say. The movement inside the watch is in pefect condition and is really clean and bright. The front of the watch as you can see from the pictures has some small scratches on the facing, and what looks like a small spot at the number 5 with a few lines running from it. The jeweller also seemed to have left a piece of what looks like to me, pencil sharpening inside, but im sure that can easily be taken out. The back of the watch has some scratches on it.

Small Gold Pocket Watch:

It has nothing written on front or back of watch.
Inside the first section, it reads – C.585 at the top,
the below that on the lft and side it looks like a crown, and to the right of that is a symbol which is hard to make out.

underneath at the bottom, it reads – 242775.

Inside the watch on another folding section, it reads at the bottom:
Metal, and underneath that is the numbers: 242775.

On the movement itself, i can see the words – fast and slow, beside a little lever.

The watch is also in working condition. The front face is nice and clean, there are only a few small scratches on the back.

Here is my flickr page with photos of the watches and their inside mechanical movements:[email protected]/

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask me! my email is [email protected]

Thank you very much! :-!

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I've now been told the omega pocket watch has the caliber: 38,5 L T1

But this does not help me much.

Can anyone else add to this?

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£100 or best offer for CYMA, best offer for gold, and best offer for OMEGA until i find out from OMEGA how much it is worth and its value, as its hard trying to find the exact model at the moment
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