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Omega Sea Master Pro over Rolex Sub

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I was looking at Rolex Oysters, but then started to think that maybe an Omega Sea Master would be a better choice. Rolex has the name but the Omega seems to be the better watch all around. I see them on eBay for 2 grand give or take. I was wondering you guys thoughts on this also as far as eBay goes the authentication service they provide any good? Thanks for any guidance.
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The Omega is a far more interesting choice, as well as being more attractive. The Omega says, "I like watches, and I know what I'm doing." The Rolex says, "Look at me! Look at me! I spent a bunch of money for a watch."
DISCLOSURE: I own both brands.
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An Omega Seamaster at $2k will not be the "better watch all around" necessarily. It will likely be a bit beat up and in need of a service. There are loads of Seamasters everywhere to choose from, so take your time and find one from a legit seller in good condition.

These guys always have tons in stock at reasonable prices and you won't get ripped off...
This thread is likely in the wrong subforum as you have this posted in the Omega fake buster section.

I've own both the seamaster and submariner. They are both nice but Omega has the name as much as Rolex, which is why you are cross shopping them.
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