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Omega seamaster 120m 2511.20

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Hello anyone,

Could an expert help me authenticate this watch?
Its an Omega Seamaster 120m Quartz.
I didnt find any fake of this watch 2511.20.
Thank you for helping

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Rectangle Font Metal Fashion accessory Jewellery

Watch Analog watch White Light Watch accessory

White Light Analog watch Wood Clock

Watch Brown Analog watch Clock Watch accessory
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Looks fine but it appears to have a mechanical issue
Hello cb111.
Thank you for your reply !
Coule you tell me which mechanical issue ? Its day ?
Thank you
Thank you again for your reply.
I will record a video Asap.

The most important thing is the watch is legit and not a fake, so you didn't notice another thing ?
Nothing jumps out. Is the movement original?
Watch Analog watch Clock Material property Font

Coin Currency Money Amber Money handling

I open the watch and took some photo.
Could you please give me your advise ?
Thank to you
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1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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