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OMEGA Seamaster Chrono Question-Help!

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I just purchased a used SM Chrono (2598.80) from Ebay. Watch works fine except date doesn't turn until @ 4 am the next day. Is this normal or a defect that needs to be fixed? I own a SM quartz that does not have this issue. Please help.
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4:00am is a little excessive. Get it looked at. The 2598 chronos were phased out about 3 years ago. Your watch may be due for a service. Also, the date wheel ratchets may have slipped out of alignment causing this late date change.
Thanks for the follow up. In your opinion, is the watch still within normal limits or do I have a complaint with the seller? The claim was that "the watch works fine".

This happens to my SMP chrono too.
I was adjusting the time between 9pm and 2am by mistakeo|
and since then, the date changes at 3-4 instead of midnight.
If you can live with it, it's not a huge deal, I'm thinking maybe I can fix it with next maintenance .
Thanks for all the responses to date. Does anyone know if a service/maintenance fix the late date problem?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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