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The Omega 2255.80.00 was the watch that made me interested in finer timepieces.
That is to say, automatic watches |>
Actually it was my brother who bought a Tag Heuer Link Cronograph that caught my attention. It was also a lot larger than any previous watch I´d seen.
So I started looking for watches as my Fortis was coming towards the end of it´s life.

I saw the Omega at an AD in town and immediately thought this was a watch for me.
It was pretty blingy and large, yet very dressy. The high-polished bezel was amazing, and still is in my opinion.
It took some time for me to afford it though as it cost a lot more than I´d ever payed for a watch.
Some fluke had it that my watch broke just before Christmas ´01 and suddenly I needed a new watch fast, as I wear one all the time.
So I thought it to be a pretty neat present ;-)

It came with a double box, the outer a white cardboard box and an inner in red leather.

Inside the red box there is:
-the watch itself
-COSC certificate

Some selfmeasured specs:
-150 grams minus 2 links
-41,3 mm diameter (excluding the crown)
-11,8 mm thick
-20 mm lugs

The size is near perfect for my wrist, 7,8 inches, and it is a watch I´ll never get rid of.
The size/weight makes it very easy on the wrist and it looks so cool.

The dial is just amazing on this watch! This is part of why I fell in love with it.
Electric Blue with the wave pattern on the dial is mesmerizing to say the least.
The dial is very large which makes it feel a bit larger than it really is.

The swordhands are really goodlooking. They are one of the reasons I was taken by the watch to begin with.

The crystal is of course sapphire, and let me tell you it has taken a beating!
For a long time this was my only watch so it´s been on my arm no matter what.
If you use a loupe on the edges of the crystal you can actually see that it is scratched.
But in real life it still looks good as new :)

The date is at 3 o´clock and very legible.

The lume is really good as you would expect. Not the same level as my OS300 but still very good. Lasts all night which is what matters, really.

The bezel is 120 clicks.
Looks very smart, but it´s really hard to turn.
Not stiff, but since the bezel is more "design" as far as I see it, there´s not much to get a good grip on.
I see this one as a true "desk diver"!

The casework is very good. It is very nicely sculptured with brushed and shiny surfaces.
There are a lot of really good looking watches out on the market, but this is a watch I´ll never grow tired of.

The Seiko Marine Master 300 m is about the same size albeit taller and they show the same sort of class. If the MM300 had a sapphire crystal it would be on the same level.

The caseback is wonderfully made and is another highlight of this watch.
I don´t really have enuff words to express the beauty of it.

The crown is located at 3 o´clock.
It´s signed of course with the Omega logo. It´s a bit on the small side and not as smooth as I would like.

My particular crown took a severe beating when my son dropped it on the bathroom tiles.
Of course it broke, and the stuff inside was replaced but the crown is still original as shown below.

The helium release valve is located at about 10 o´clock. I´ve read that some people think that it stinks, but for me it really makes the watch.
Also that it can manage a depth of 300 m is itself pretty cool.
It too is signed with the Omega logo.

The bracelet is very good. A real highlight!
It is perfect for the Seamaster. The bracelet design originally came from the Speedmaster, but probably it was borrowed from elsewhere.
I prefer it to the Bond bracelet. Nothing at all to improve on in my opinion.

I also like to use it with a Nato strap and sometimes rubber.
I haven´t tried on leather but it would probably look sweet.

The clasp is also a highlight.
A big chunk of metal that says "click" when you close it.
Opens with two opposite buttons. I´ve seen a lot of similar "button opening" clasps, but they still have a foldover which really sux in my view. There should be no need for it.
And on the Seamaster it is perfect as is.
It also has a nice divers extension.
No micro adjustment, which could be a drag. In my case it´s not a problem.

The calibre is the Omega 1120.
It´s origins is the ETA 2892-A2 and Omega modified it to be a 23 jewel COSC certified calibre.
What can I say, it´s always been very accurate. Maybe there are more elaborate calibers out there, but for me, this is it!

Accuracy is where this watch is at.
Here I will update the accuracy that it shows in real life (my life ;))
For starters I will have it on for at least 4 weeks.
I will update the accuracy. For me it is pretty essential that time doesn´t fly.
This is a watch that had it´s last service 3 years ago.

I have it on my nightstand alternating crown down and crown up every other night.
The watch is off 9-10 hours at night:
Week 1: -5 seconds

The conclusion
This will probably always be my main watch.
Every time I put it on, it brings a smile to my face.
For me this is what it´s all about. A great looking watch that happens to look good on me, AND is a technical marvel (as are automatic calibres) that keeps time so well.
I couldn´t wish for more in a watch.
If you get the chance in buying a Seamaster, then take it! You will not be disappointed.


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tip: get some cape cod cloths, and polish the mirror bezel.

I did this last week and it looks a million bucks now (from having an amazing amount of scratches in the light, to now only 4 I can't get out - and the rest mirror finish

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